Black and White

In my world there are shades of gray, but in my son’s world there is only black and white. If you read my recent Treasure Hunt blog, you’ll remember what I mean. This time I’m so happy that I could join his world of black and white. Kai saw me painting over a canvas that I had previously painted on but didn’t like anymore. Without any real plan or thought, I just painted Love Love Love over it (reference the wedding scene from Love Actually). He asked if he could paint something, too. So I pulled out another pre-painted canvas, and this was the result.

I absolutely loved his interpretation of what I was doing…but with reversed out colors. In fact, Kai’s is absolutely the better of the two. He even signed his canvas when he was done, like a true artist.

When I began, I thought I was just painting over an old painting that I wasn’t happy with anymore. But what I ended up with was a piece of art made by my son. I’m reminded that ALL of us are born artists, but some of us just got lost along the way of growing up. So now our two pieces will sit nestled side-by-side on the shelves as a reminder of how beautiful black and white really is.

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