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Redesigned Teapot Lamps

If you're like us, you get tired of seeing the same ol' same ol' lamps in office environments. Sigh. Just because it's a work environment doesn't mean it has to be boring! In fact, it should be the opposite - an inspiring environment that increases our productivity, creativity, and decision making abilities.

DIY Vintage Book Hooks

We just love everything about them! Whether it's your babe's bib, a handtowel, or your springtime scarf... keep them in reach and keep it cute! And no worries, folks.

Why Our Swedish Easter Looks Like Halloween

Easter like Halloween? Whaaaat? Here in Sweden our kids dress up as Easter witches - that's right, I said witches - and go door to door with a basket and a handful of drawings to exchange for candy.


#PrayForParis. It's what's on our mind these past several days. So we hope you'll share a minute of silence with us - DIY style.     #JeSuisParis You're in our thoughts.

What’s In My Bag?

We constantly laugh at ourselves when we realize the strange things we carry around in our bags. Today..was one of those days. (Svensk översättning längst ned) Admittedly, Mike's purse is more like a satchel.

Take Me To Church

Cue music... Hozier's "Take Me to Church" keeps playing in my head as I flip through the photos of this glorious repurposed church - turned - home. (Svensk översättning längst ned) Sometimes it's not the repurposed designs we put into a space.

Doorknob Hooks with a Toot

It's cute. It's clever. Two ingredients for a fab repurposed project to melt our hearts. These generic doorknobs typically allow lots of keys to insert and your guests will have a fun trying to match up their own keys to hang while they lounge at your place.

Rock and Roll Reclaimed Greenhouse / Återbruksväxthus “Rock n´Rull”

(Svensk översättning längst ned) It rocks - because it's made from 100% reclaimed materials. It rolls - because they put wheels on it! Klas popped into our Shared Studio each time he had a few hours to spare over these past several weeks.

How to Reuse Hangers / Hur Man Återanvänder Klädhängare

(Svensk översättning längst ned) "I think I've discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it." - Charles M. Shultz We think Charlie was a wise man.

Trashy Crafter Bracelets

(Svensk översättning längst ned) We're big fans of creative marketing. What does that mean, you ask? It means using alternative forms of marketing to be able to get your story and message out there.

Shared Studio Upcycle

  (Svensk översättning längst ned) Did you know that we share our studio? If you need to create something and you lack the space or time at home - we have studio rental by the hour.

100% Reused Interior Design at Work

    (Svensk översättning längst ned) All you DIYers out there really  know how to create a fabulous reused interior space at home. But what about the office? We love finding clients that are brave enough to follow our reused interior design evolution process - you know, the kind of design evolution that results in a comfortable and interesting space.

Scandinavian Sauna – Reclaimed / Skandinavisk Bastu – Återanvänd

(Svensk översättning längst ned) We're so excited! We've got a new building in town. It's a sauna that's open to the public. It's built on old existing pillars on the river.

A Labor of Scrap Wood Love

(Svensk översättning längst ned) Our rule of thumb? If we would have it in our own home, then we're darn happy with the results! Last week we delivered one of our favorite projects to date - a full dining room interior design for Gothenburg University.

Redesigned Candlesticks Revisited

We created 3 series of our redesigned candlesticks before we were through. It was a fun and super satisfying project to keep our hands busy - as if we didn't have enough to do.

Recycled Cardboard Becomes Surfboard / Återvunnen Papp Blir Surfbräda

(Svensk översättning längst ned) Today we're posting a guest post from Ernest Packaging Solutions based out of Los Angeles. Yes, it's a little bit of free marketing for them (we weren't paid for this) - but we think their recycled cardboard surfboard is too cool not to share.

Creative Terms Exposed / Kreativa Termer Avslöjade

(Svensk översättning längst ned) Do you know what the definitions are for 1) recycling, 2) upcycling, and 3) repurposing? We were  having a quick chat today with FB creative soulmate Juan at Juan Murphy about the creative terms surrounding the whole idea of recycling, particularly when it comes to creative design.

Quiet Creators / Tystlåtna Skapare

(Svensk översättning längst ned) We love quiet creators. They make things because they are inspired. They make things because they want to. They make things because it makes them feel good.

Rustic Stars and Reclaimed Wood / Rustika Stjärnor och Återanvänt Trä

(Svensk översättning längst ned) Sigh. Winter is pushing her way into our daily lives again. And the days are getting shorter. It makes us want to curl up on a sheepskin beside the fireplace at our (non-existent) reCreate mountain lodge.

Redesigned Candlesticks / Återdesignade Ljusstakar

(Svensk översättning längst ned) We've all seen them. Small single wooden candlesticks at the thrift shop that get no respect, left to stand lonely on the shelves month after month.

Curb Appeal Sinners / Trottoarkantssyndare

(Svensk översättning längst ned) It's true. We've commited a sin. We moved to our new workshop / studio / showroom / playground / office in June..

How To: Rustic Coffee Table / Hur Man: Rustikt Soffbord

(Svensk översättning längst ned) Honestly - Dan from Danmade could still sell us on almost anything! He's charming, not bad on the eyes at all, and really makes you believe that you can make what he's making.

How To: Reuse a Piano / Hur Man: Återanvänder ett Piano

(Svensk översättning längst ned) Do you have something happy waiting to greet you each and every time you come home? I don't mean the husband, kids, dog, cat, hamster, dust bunnies, etc.

Creative Kids Rock Workshops Kreativa Barn får Workshops på Gung

(Svensk översättning längst ned) Okay. We admit it. We were a bit worried about hosting a group of 6-year olds for one of our creative reuse workshops.

Opening Doors / Dörrar På Glänt

(Svensk översättning längst ned) Sometimes all we need to make us happy are DIY branch door handles. We used salvaged boat rail hardware and Micki found the branches, whittled the ends, and sanded them super smooth to the touch.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign / Skyltar Så Långt Ögat Kan Nå

(Svensk översättning längst ned) Today is a big day for us. It's 'put up the signs' day at our new workshop/studio/showroom/inspiration hub/playground! That means we're getting close to opening - Yippee! and high fives all around.

Dare to be Different / Våga Vara Annorlunda

(Svensk översättning längst ned) What do you remember about places that you visit? Me? It's often the bathroom that really sticks out. My experience says if there is something unique about the bathroom (simply called the toilet for those of us here in Europe), then people will talk about it.

Phone Booth For Sale

It’s true. Video killed the radio star. And now mobile phones are killing the telephone booth.  Source:  In 2015, Swedish phone booths will officially become extinct as they remove the very last one from the streets of my hometown.

Clever Household Tricks – Repurposed

This clever household trick goes in the it's-so-easy-I-should-have-thought-of-that-instead-of-yelling-at-my-kids-a-million-times-to-close-the-door file.

Tiny Houses Made of Junk

These tiny little houses made of junk and scrap wood first caught my eye in a Daily Mail article from England on Pinterest. Already on his 10th birthday, the interest in creating small structures was sparked when 'Deek' Diedricksen received a copy of Tiny Houses by Lester Walker from his Dad.

7 Million Dead in Kuwait

Yes, I admit. This blog post title was intended to get your attention. Did it work? Have you seen the latest photos of the tire cemetery in Kuwait? They believe it currently holds about 7 million tires - enough to easily see from aerial photos of the Kuwaiti desert.

Island Thrifting

This last weekend we hopped on the ferry boat - okay, we really drove on - and headed over to the northern archipelago islands off the coast of Sweden where we live.

Repurposed Garden Paths

"A man's feet should be planted in his country, but his eyes should survey the world." - George Santayana What does that quote mean for you? For me it's a reminder to find contentment where I am, but still find a way to be connected as a world citizen.

Sunny Days and Repurposed Benches

It was a sunny day today. Which led me to thinking about how long it's been since I sat in the sun (Swedish winters are brutally long). Which led me to think about sitting on benches.

Folk Art Furniture

I just LOVE a day when I stumble on an artisan who's creations speak to me. Really, they do. They speak to me. They say, "LOOK AT ME! I'M MARVELOUS!" Like Floyd Gompf's folk art furniture pieces.

What’s That?! Recycled Art

It's been a good long while since I've posted a What's that?! post. And this one certainly deserves inclusion. Born in Ghana, El Anatsui manipulates found items into pieces of art that would definitely make me stop and linger a little while longer than usual.

What Do You Desire? An Inspirational Video

Today's feel-good share is a video worth watching over and over and over again. Tell me you don't feel the same after you're done watching it - I'll find it hard to believe.

A Shabby Chic “Light” Upcycle

Sometimes there just aren't the right terms to describe a design aesthetic. My friend said she wanted her old hope chest refurbished and upcycled in shabby chic style.

An Exercise in Humility

My thoughts? We should never take ourselves too seriously lest we forget to have a good laugh at our own expense! If you ever want to have a good laugh at yourself.

Small Recycling Habits

I have small recycling habits. I also have big recycling habits. What I hope is that when I add them all together - they make a difference. Today I thought it would be fun to share a few of my small recycling habits - starting with cereal boxes.

Our DIY Kitchen Remodel

It's the DIY kitchen remodel that never ends. Why? Because of the DIY part! We're ALMOST done. But we've been ALMOST done for the past 3 years! Now it's all about getting up those final pieces of trim, and finally deciding what to do as treatment for the windows (if anything).

Reuse: Old Stuff, New Ways

I love to find new thinkers in the world of reuse and recycle. Like this ridiculously simple but oh-so-clever switcheroo from old sink to new modern chair, courtesy of Design Jazz in Ireland.

Valentine Hearts – Reclaimed Wood

I have an affinity for hearts... and not just for Valentine's Day. They have their place in my home decor year-round. And you know that I have a soft spot for all things recycled, repurposed, upcycled, and such.

DIY Planning

DIY projects & workshops. They take a little bit of advance planning if you really want to create something for a specific space. Case in point, a recent recycled window workshop project by Kate.

Old Window = New Message Board

by Michael Helander Turning an old window into a new message board not only does a good deed for Mother Earth, it also does a good deed for your home decor and personal style! Our friend Kate stopped by for a workshop and knew right away that she wanted to do something with one of the old windows we salvaged from a 100-year-old house out in the Swedish countryside.

Happy re. Year

Thank you everyone for a fun year of recycled, repurposed, and upcycled inspiration! You've been a great support, and I can't wait to see what you create in 2013! Until next time.

How to Repurpose an…Onion?

UPDATE:  Before reading this, know that 2 Facebook friends pointed out there was something about this on the myth-busting site. Here's the link to their post disputing the fact that onions spoil things before mayonnaise spoils.

Catching Up and Advent Calendars

I won't be posting one of the many, wonderful 2012 wrap-up posts that I see swirling around cyberspace. No, I'm still playing catch-up from the year AND preparing to lurch head-on right into the New Year.

Friends That Create Together…

Friends that create together, stay together! Last weekend was my favorite annual gathering - our Umpteenth Annual Ornament Exchange. We have but one rule.

The {Christmas} Writing’s on the Wall

You want to try something new. You want to make an impression. You just don't have the space. Whatever your reason for considering a repurposed Christmas tree for your wall this year, you'll LOVE these 10 ideas that inspire! [gallery]   I'm so in awe of that DIY tree.

No Ordinary Christmas Tree

Warning!  These are not your Dad's Christmas trees. No, these are new thinkers. Made with reclaimed and recycled materials. Once again pushing the boundaries on personal expression - just in time for the Christmas holiday.

Cast Iron Casting

Cast iron. It's so nice and heavy and industrial chic. But how can you recycle or repurpose it? That was the question from one of our Facebook friends recently.

A Day’s Worth of Creative Recycling – Glassware

It doesn't have to be crystal to catch the rays. Let yourself be inspired with today's small burst of reclaimed glassware creations. [gallery]   I recently inherited some wine and shot glasses from Swedish great grandma and I'm thinking about trying to put together a little chandy with them.

Upcycled Furniture Before & After

I love myself some good before & after furniture upcycles! Who's with me? [gallery]  

One Tshirt

Time to start checking out Tshirt recycling projects! Mike

{Repurposed} Windows to the Soul

If my eyes are the windows to my soul, then they are telling me that these repurposed window projects are simply divine! Find the sources for these projects and over 90 more inspirational ideas on the re.

Have Knobs – Will Repurpose

What would you do if you had a load of extra knobs? Vicky posted a pic of just a few of her knobs on the re. Facebook page and asked for suggestions for reusing them.

Junk in the Trunk

So how much junk can be packed in a Prius, anyway? This much! I saw a non-descript note on our local Freecycle page that said something about 2 homes with diverse furniture.

A re.Create Studio is Born

We picked up the keys last week. I can't believe it! It's really happening. It's the birth of our re.Create Design Company studio! I've been so inspired by other DIYers and bloggers who have made a bigger leap into the unknown, so I'll share a bit here and there as we get the studio set up and start getting our activities going.

Before and After

How about a little before and after upcycled DIY inspiration to get the week started? Today's post has everything from painted sofas to Care Bear jackets! [gallery]

What’s That ?!

I love finding recycled and repurposed projects that leave you wondering... what's that ?! See if you can guess the material used for this adorable hanging succulent garden - with colors to die for this Fall.

My Favorite Recycled Sweater Ideas

The leaves on the trees are turning glorious shades of red, yellow and brown - and for me that's a sure signal that it's time to start unpacking my cozies - sweaters, gloves, and scarves.

What’s That ?! – Sea Urchins

I haven't posted an edition of What's That ?! for a while now...time to jump start them again. This one is pretty easy - but I think these repurposed art sculptures are so beautiful that I wanted to share.

3.8 Million Trees Cut Down in China Each Year

"A culture is no better than how it treats its woods." - W.H. Auden This is not an accusatory finger-pointing rant. It's more like a 'Hey, we need to educate ourselves and make a change" kind of post.

Walking the Walk – on Recycled Rugs

Do you "walk the walk" for creative recycled designs? For me, it's a journey that takes me further along my path each day. Today's share is a collection of some of my favorite underfoot recycled design - so your little tootsies have something comfy to glide across while you are busy walking the walk.

Before & After – 5 Furniture Makeovers

For me there's nothing like a good before & after reveal. So today's share features 5 great furniture projects to inspire you to re.Create! I'm a fan of their reclaimed wood animal figures, but 508 Restoration & Design also shows up with some fabulous furniture makeovers! Designer Naama Futerman displays her pattern showing us how to recycle a door and get a coffee table.

Creative Recycling with Sports Equipment

If your house is like our house, back to school means back to sports. And now after seeing the creativity out there with old sports equipment, I'm dreaming of a day when current equipment becomes old equipment and I get to take ownership.

Good Deeds In Dublin

I'm home from a weekend visiting longtime friends in Dublin. Don't you just absolutely love that feeling that you just got together with your friends yesterday.

Great Grandmas and Other Vintage Treasures

More than inheriting the historical treasures from another at a thrift store or garage sale, I cherish the historical treasures passed down within my own family.

My Interview with Lil Blue Boo

Don't miss my interview with Ashley from the popular blog and store Lil Blue Boo in the current issue of Artizen Magazine. Make sure to say 'hello' to Ashley when you hop over to her place to have a look around.

Top 17 Ideas for Recycling Toilet Rolls

TP rolls, loo rolls, poo rolls...regardless of what you call them, I don't foresee a shortage of toilet paper rolls any time soon. And they can only be made into so many TP animals at the kid's schools (but still, you might see 1 or 2 in this creative collection).

Just for Fun – A Human Spirograph

Just a little fun while you are waiting anxiously for that TP about a human spirograph creation? See you soon! Mike

A Day’s Worth of Creative Recycling Ideas

Summer is relaxing. A little too relaxing perhaps? My blogging and research for recycled design inspiration has been sporadic at best - but as the summer winds down and I return to some sense of normalcy (at least in my dreamworld), the search for cool ideas to inspire you will increase - I promise - Scout's honor.

Are You Crazy Enough?

Do you ever have the same thoughts that I have? "Am I making a difference?" "Will it be enough?" "Does it matter?"  These are the kinds of things that churn in my head all the time.

Junky Street Art Lives Here

I absolutely love when I stumble across uber cool street art initiatives. You  might remember the Lego street art that I featured several months back that is being documented at Dispatchwork.

A Day’s Worth of Inspiration – Garden

It may be the middle of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but it's definitely not too late to put your personalized touch on the garden - in high recycled style! [gallery] Have you made your mark outside this year? Until next time.

Under the Recycled Baobab Tree

Oh recycled fabric baobab tree... how I adore thee! And just to give you an idea of the size of this tree, have a look at the guy on the ladder! Sculpture by Pirate Technics, via Inhabitat Wouldn't something like this, on a somewhat smaller scale of course, be just divine as indoor decor? Any suggestions as to what could be used as the base of the rings? Until next time.

Artizen Magazine – June Issue

Check out the latest issue of Artizen Magazine - I've got two articles that gives us a peek into the creative minds of Cornelia Konrads in Germany and Lucy Faoutas with Lucy Designs in the United States.

Before & After – A Day’s Worth of Inspiration

There's just nothing like a day's worth of  before & after DIY inspiration, wouldn't you agree? Little Green Notebook 4 Men 1 Lady via Instructables Little Green Notebook via Green Prophet Seeing a completed DIY project is always fun, but doesn't your level of appreciation skyrocket when you see that 'before' pic?  That's why I thought it would be fun to give you a day's worth of inspiration that features not only the after, but also the before.

Have You Ever Seen Bottlecaps This Beautiful?

Have you ever seen bottle caps this beautiful? No, me neither. Until now. 52-year old Yoav Kotik in Israel creates beautiful and wearable art from the unappreciated bottle cap.

Today’s Happiness Share

I don't know what it is...but experiencing something like this from today's 'happiness share', even if only virtually, gives me moments of peace and faith in humanity.

A Day’s Worth of Inspiration – Recycle and Repurpose

The weekend is inching closer and closer, and I hope you're going to be able to set aside a slot of time to re.Create - because I've uncovered some pretty fabulous projects that are definitely worth a try.

Fun with Repurposed Legos

We breed legos. Or at least that's what it feels like. The little critters are everywhere underfoot! And they just seem to multiply at staggering speeds.

High Tea – Chandelier

This jaw-dropping chandelier brings new meaning to high tea! via La Petite Nymphea via Nice Things Makes me want to hop right on the plane and head to Valencia in Spain where this boutique is located, just to stand with head tilted upwards, staring at these stunning beauties.

I’m Having a Social Media Breakdown

  Yes, I admit. There are days when I feel like I'm having a social media breakdown. I open Facebook thinking I'll just take a quick scan and reply to comments.

Monday Brain Works

  It's Monday! Time to get the brain churning to get us through the week. And what does that take? I heard mind puzzles are good. And coffee. Know what else works? A dose of "What's That ?!" So off  we go.

Dragonflies and Butterflies

Dragonflies and butterflies... If you are like me, you also keep a TRY or Die board on Pinterest - with the all of the projects that you really want to DIY.

A Day’s Worth of Inspiration – Repurposed & Upcycled

  It's Monday...and time for a day's worth of inspiration to get this week started! Today I'm going to share some spectacular before & after pics to give the full fabulous effect of upcycled, recycled, and repurposed designs.

Friends Who Thrift for You

  What does every person need? Friends who know you. And friends who thrift for you! I had two friends pick up some thrift store goodies for me these past 2 weeks - and now I have no doubt in my mind that they know me.

Reclaimed Wood Goodness

  How about a little reclaimed wood goodness for today's eye candy? I'm lusting over these adorable creatures made from reclaimed wood over at 508 Restoration and Design.

Dumpster Dive

These guys from graypants don't know me at all, but they captured my heart the moment I saw them dumpster diving in their video.     And the moment those recycled cardboard lights come on and they are there sitting so casually on the sofa.

Recycle / Repurpose / Upcycle – A Day’s Worth of Inspiration

It's Monday! And time for a quick shot of recycled / repurposed / upcycled DIY inspiration. Still confused over those terms? Check out this quick and easy to understand post to help you make the right distinction.

Music Fills the Soul

It has absolutely nothing to do with recycled or repurposed design, but I've decided that this story how music fills the soul was the best thing that I could share with the world today.

It’s All Part of the Dance

  I saw this quote today and it made me stop in my tracks. I mean seriously, I've had some big project flops over the years. One of my son's favorite phrases right now is "Epic fail!" and I laugh every time it runs through my head when a project isn't going as planned.

The Possibilities of Art

Thank goodness for creative people that awaken us to the possibilities of art. My favorite kind of art is public! And it doesn't have to be in the form of a traditional painting or sculpture to make me seriously swoon.

Recycled and Repurposed Garden

Although it's raining cats and dogs here today, I can't seem to get my mind off of all the possibilities of a recycled and repurposed garden. And thank goodness there are so many creative people out there to satisfy my inspiration needs! Here's some ideas that are screaming to be shared!   [gallery]   Have you started working in your garden yet? I'm itching to.

Lego Street Art

I've seen knit bombing, sweater bombing, plastic cap bombing, and I've even been thinking about organizing my own hubcap flower bombing in my town. Now there's Lego street art - aka Lego bombing! It seems to be popping up around the world, and after searching through tons of websites that all listed source after source, I finally landed on Dispatchworks.

Upcycle vs. Repurpose

Do you know "what's what" with the DIY terms upcycle vs. repurpose? I see these words used interchangeably over and over again, and often in the wrong context.

1 Top, 16 Ways to Wear It

Today has really been a day of 'how to see things differently'. And in the process, I landed on some great videos that really have me rethinking how to use my wardrobe.

Recycled Road Sign Sculpture

The latest edition of Artizen Magazine is published - turn to page 32 for my article featuring an unbelievable sculptural fence made from recycled road signs in Pennsylvania (United States). Reveal

My DIY projects made it on the pages of - both of them! I was approached and asked if I had any unique storage ideas for the garage. Guess what? I didn't! My first chance to be featured by a major DIY big shot and I didn't have a single thing to share for the garage.

10 Cool Ways to Recycle Plastic Bags

Are you planning to go shopping this weekend? Don't throw out those plastic bags just yet - I've got some fun DIY ideas from around the world that will get the "I need to try this" juices flowing!   [gallery]     Have a look at this video showing the ragbag cooperative in India - good stuff!   Now I don't want to bring down the party, but it's important to educate ourselves while we're having fun.

Walk Off the Earth – A Recycling Band

Walk Off theEarth captured my attention the moment I first heard them and saw their brilliant videos. Now they've endeared themselves even more with their latest video, Little Boxes, that includes a set made entirely of recycled boxes.

11 Recycled Flower Ideas for Spring

Can you feel it? Everyone is getting Spring fever. I know I am! We'll all be getting our flowers planted soon, but this year how about adding a little extra whimsy to your summer garden with one of these recycled flower ideas for Spring? [gallery columns="2"]   This is another one of those post collections that could go on and on - so let me know if you want to see more recycled flowers for Spring.

Recycled Container Classroom

All I could say when I saw this recycled container classroom in South Africa was "Hurray"! What a brilliant reuse of an old shipping container. The gathering space and steps on the outside of the classroom are used as the lunchroom and school amphitheater.

What’s That ?! – Recycled

Do you ever look at something and find yourself fixated for a few seconds longer than normal as you think to yourself, "What's That ?!" This week's project comes to us from Afroditi Krassa, a talented designer that is really making a name for herself.

Recycled Toy DIY – A Day’s Worth of Inspiration

  It's Monday, I'm in a playful mood because the sun is shining in Sweden (finally) - so what better time to feature some fun and colorful recycled toy creations! I don't think it matters if you are old or young - these projects are bound to make you smile.

Finding Your True Colors

I was trying to match some colors from a picture that had that ‘it’ feeling when I looked at it. So I did a bit of looking around and found these two super-easy-to-use color palatte programs that I think you’ll like to play with.

What’s That ?!

  Today's edition of What's That ?! spins me right round baby right round like a ....... Do you see it right away? What these wall posing people are made of? Here's a closer look.

33 Ways To Be Inspired With Sliced Wood

Are you ready to try your hand with sliced wood? Here are 33 inspirational ideas to get you going! wood slice chalkboard Olive Manna wood slice mirror frame That's My Letter   wood slice painted art Country Living via Pinterest       wood slice wall  Worth Interiors   DIY side table with branch slices Camille Styles  wood slice flower vase via Shelterness sliced wood message BLWF  sliced wood baskets BHG sliced wood plate chargers Found wood slice cake stand  Paula Bertolina via Pinterest painted wood slice wall art ModernRusticArt via Etsy sliced wood cupcake stand postscripts via Etsy wood slice coasters via Shelterness wood slice cake pop holder The Party Wagon wood slice table number Kristen Presta via Pinterest wood slice inlaid table runner via Pinterest wood slice end table Seakettle wood slice wreath Shabby Love wood slice guest book Party Frosting   sliced wood valentine Shabby Love wood slice wall art Modern Rustic Art wood slice invitations love lavender wood slice serving tray Martha Stewart Weddings wood slice clock via Design Sponge   wood slice frames for air plants Handmadeology a selection of wood slices via Dornob wood slice wall - notice the longer slices used as hooks Martha Stewart wood slice coat hanger Modern Rustic Art wood slice ball decor Josh & Main wood slice vase Buy.

For the Birds – Spotlight on Brian Carlisle

  The latest issue of Artizen Magazine is out and my interview with the brilliant Brian Carlisle starts on page 50.   I became a fan of Brian's work the instant I first saw his creations over at JunkMarket Style where he's a regular contributor.

A Day’s Worth of DIY Inspiration – Recycled and Repurposed

  I just love today's collection of recycled and repurposed DIY inspiration. [gallery]     Perhaps these inspirational ideas seem extra special because it's an extra special week! We hit 1 million page views this past weekend.

Finding Your Home Style

I was reading the latest Swedish issue of IKEA Family live magazine and stopped on the article featuring artist Dan Bennett who has a new poster design picked up by IKEA.

Recycling with Chevron

Did you seen these cute little DIY chevron earrings over at Alisa Burke's place last week?   She made three different shapes from shrinky dink plastic and a white Sharpie paint pen.

What Can You Do With… Recycled Sinks?

It just takes seeing one picture to make me ask, "What can you do with...". This time around it was a recycled sink. You can use your old pedestal sink and repurpose as a garden planter Georgia Peachez These stairs made from recycled sinks are in a Dutch vegetarian restaurant Arwen Willemsen A kitchen sink and counter make an excellent drum for your spontaneous Carnival parade Richie Wisbey Collection Even the desert appreciates this old wash basin and bidet repurposed as planters Kevin Collins Build your next office with recycled sinks exterior 2012 Architecten A recycled sink garden fountain will keep the birds happy this summer Make Mine Mosaic When in doubt, create a recycled sink art installation Crenk These funny garden animals from recycled sinks make me laugh iVillage Garden Web And if you don't plan on recycling a sink anytime soon, don't forget to be creative with your sinks at home! bike repurposed as sink pedestal Benjamin Bullins via A Green Living recycled machine stand for bathroom sink via Salvaged Grace So now my question is.

One Million Page Views

Unbelievable! Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of Blue Velvet Chair (read the blog post where it all began). And yesterday the blog hit the milestone of 1,000,000 page views.

What’s That ?! – Recycled

It's time for another edition of "What's That?!" Have a look at these lovely pieces of art below from Marang Studios. If you've been working with these materials, you might already recognize them given the colorations of the art pieces.

The Evolution of a Living Room – Part V (2 of 2) – Build an Ottoman

If you are just joining us for the tour, check out these previous visits with the renovation and evolution of our living room: The Evolution of a Living Room - Part I - Where we started The Evolution of a Living Room - Part II - Where we are now The Evolution of a Living Room - Part III (1 of 2) - The details The Evolution of a Living Room - Part III (2 of 2) -  The details - part 2 The Evolution of a Living Room - Part IV - The 'wall of windows' transformation The Evolution of a Living Room - Part V (1 of 2) - How to build your own ottoman Today we continue and finish up building that ottoman.

A Day’s Worth of DIY Inspiration – Repurposed

If you've checked in today for part 2 of the ottoman how-to, my apologies...the time just ran away from me. Hope you'll come back to visit tomorrow when we'll sit down with our tea or coffee and finish our tutorial discussion together.

The Evolution of a Living Room Remodel – DIY Ottoman

In case you've missed the series, you might want to back up a bit and start with these posts below: The Evolution of a Living Room - Part I - Where we started The Evolution of a Living Room - Part II - Where we are now The Evolution of a Living Room - Part III (1 of 2) - The details The Evolution of a Living Room - Part III (2 of 2) -  The details - part 2 The Evolution of a Living Room - Part IV - The 'wall of windows' transformation Today we begin a tutorial for how to build your own ottoman.

DIY Inspiration – Windows

Today I shared our own experience with windows in my previous blog post continuing the tour of our living room. But I also thought I'd share some fabulous recycled window creations that will get your fingers twitching to create! Looking for a new office space to get your creative juices rolling? How about this one made from recycled windows to inspire you? Helle Kvame How about this gorgeous interpretation of subway art on a recycled window? Lil' Luna Stained glass and beads create a beautiful recycled window privacy 'divider' on this outdoor patio.

The Evolution of a Living Room – Part IV

The home tour continues with a little back story information in The Evolution of a Living Room - Part IV. If you are just joining us for the tour, check out these previous visits with the renovation and evolution of our living room.

The Evolution of a Living Room – Part III (2 of 2)

Don't miss Part 1 with the decor details of our living room that was posted just before this one. As I mentioned when we began the tour of our living room evolution a few days ago, I like to describe my style as 'untraditionally traditional'.

The Evolution of a Living Room – Part III (1 of 2)

As promised, today's living room tour continues with the details. I'm going to split this into 2 separate posts because I had some fun with Photoshop - and the images are a little larger than normal so I want to make sure it all loads okay.

The Evolution of a Living Room – Part II

Welcome to Part II of 'The Evolution of a Living Room' series this week. After yesterday's view of what our living room looked like when we bought our house 3 1/2 years ago, today's view shows what she looks like now.

The Evolution of a Living Room – Part I I'm taking the plunge into home tours - beginning with our living room. It's not so much a before & after reveal, but the evolution of a living room.

Ottoman DIY

We finally did it! A full year after we built the frame, we actually finished the oversized ottoman for our living room.'s not recycled, nor is it repurposed.

A Day’s Worth of Inspiration – Repurposed

Some of the repurposed DIY finds for today are just too delicious not to share. Scroll down through the pics for a quick inspiration boost as we move on into this week.

DIY Tutorial – Recycled Tie Dress

Before we begin, don't miss the post this week with 33 inspirational recycled tie projects, and a few more at Pinterest. Last weekend I finished an experiment that had been on my 'must try' list for quite a while - a recycled tie dress for my Divine Little Miss M.

Sewing Hack Experiments – Recycled Ties

Pin It Here's a quick peek at what was happening over at our place this past weekend. It involved another sewing hack experiment - this time with recycled ties.

What’s That ?! – Repurposed

This week's "What's That?!" is bursting with color, but exactly what are these art pieces made of? A closer look and now its becoming... ...

A Day’s Worth of DIY Inspiration – Repurposed

As we close out another week, and open the new, here's another day's worth of recycled and repurposed DIY inspiration to get you going. Be sure to check out several of these sites to see more of their fabulous creations.

What’s That ?! – Recycled

It's time for another What's That ?! to take us into the weekend.  Any guesses for the material used for this brightly colored wall art? Here's a closer look.

Friends With Benefits

No...not those kinds of friends with benefits! I'm talkin' about friends who know the manager of a big thrift store and arrange to get you in the store and warehouse before opening hours! Yesterday I took a drive to my friend L's town about an hour away.

Recycled and Repurposed Winter Scarves

Checked off my list this past weekend: Make Divine Little Miss M a funky little skirt from recycled winter scarves. Pin It This gave her plenty to jump about.

Anthropologie Knock-Off

There's just something about eclectic and funky and a little bit off center that really speaks to me. And I'm afraid to ask what that says about me! But it's certainly why I find projects like this one absolutely irresistible.

Map Yourself

Here's a fun little thing to do when you have an extra minute (literally, that's all it took). Map yourself on this interactive world map for bloggers from Latte Love.

A Day’s Worth of Inspiration – Recycled and Repurposed

Here's a day's worth of recycled and repurposed creations for a quick dose of inspiration to get the week started. crashed Ferrari coffee table Molinelli Design use a tie to upcycle your camera strap Design Sponge recycled book becomes a great tablet or e-reader cover Ladies Home Journal recycled cardboard becomes cute and quirky cat scratcher Design Sponge tulip art from a recycled can Rainy Roots Studio recycled LP clock Pavel Sidorenko recycled plastic bottle bottoms Inhabitat DIY toilet roll characters Beru Betto recycled bottles and shutter slats ReMade Simple If you find something irresistibly inspiring, share with everyone here below (in comments) or hop over for a quick post on the Blue Velvet Chair Facebook page.

Creating Success Around the World – European Crafts

I don't have a featured interview for this week's Creating Success Around the World global blog hop, so instead we're going to hop around Europe with a little sampler of creations from across the continent.

What’s That ?!

What's that ?! I asked. It's a DIY ottoman or extra seat. But what's it made from? Any guesses? Here's another cute little version of the ottoman from ehciladabina.

Blog Hugs

Until next time... Mike

Buying Handmade Feels Good

In this case, buying handmade feels good in more than one way.Linda at ReThink Design (right here in Sweden) was featured in a Blue Velvet Chair interview a couple of weeks ago.

Creating Success Around the World – Nifty Thrifty Things

It's Tuesday! Time to get to know a bit more about one of the many talented bloggers and creatives on the European continent as part of the Creating Success Around the World global blog hop.

What’s That ?!

What's that? Well, whatever it is, it's oversized and I like it! Let's take a closer look.'s becoming clearer to me. Knives! Lots of them.

Creating Success Around the World – Pouch (UK)

It's time to take a Tuesday moment and learn a little something about the creative souls located in Europe. Yes, it's time for Creating Success Around the World.

Repurposed Ties & Whimsy

Alisa at Ties & Whimsy in Brisbane, Australia is making the most beautiful repurposed tie and lace accessories. I'm enamored with the ties, so they will get the airtime in this blog post.

What’s That ?! – Repurposed

Okay. This has never happened before. I'm posting a "What's That ?!" series two days in a row. But after Amy over at The Salvage Collection pointed me to this artist for her fabulous button art, I saw these other works of hers and just had to share with you.

Creating Success Around the World – ReThink Design

Like I mentioned on Facebook today, even though it's the new year - some things should remain the same. Like the showcase of Creatives in the "Creating Success Around the World" global blog hop.

What’s That ?!

It's 2012 and time for a new year of "What's That?!". What is "What's That?!" you ask? It's a series of posts that showcase unbelievable creations that make you take a second look and ask yourself, "What's That?!" Here we go.

Stage and Lighting by Mother Nature

Everyone keeps saying "Get away from the computer and find inspiration outdoors." So yesterday I decided to do just that. Our last day of 2011 was filled with inspiration from Mother Nature as we walked around the local 700-year old fortress, across the river and up the hill from our house.

Happy New Year! 2011 Year in Review

HAPPY NEW YEAR! What a whirlwind year it's been! Blue Velvet Chair is not even one year old yet, but oh what imaginative and creative souls I've been able to connect with across the globe.

Creating Success Around the Globe – Sea Green of Appledore

Well...I had the most relaxing Christmas holiday with my family. Oh, there was the one little mishap with the day-after realization that my 10-year old son ate every single speck of chocolate and candy that was in his Christmas stocking and various gifts (at least a 2-3 month supply).

29 Ways to Stay Creative

29 ways to stay creative...I couldn't have said it better myself. 29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE from TO-FU on Vimeo.Until next time... Mike Stumble this post

Easy & Fun Last-Minute Decorating for Christmas

Still decorating.Yesterday when I posted a quick project with leftover christmas balls, I promised to show this ridiculously quick and easy decoration that was in the background.

Creating Success Around the Globe – Sea Green of Appledore

We have a temporary delay in Europe for the global blog hop with Creating Success Around the Globe - but you'll want to check back tomorrow when we feature Josie at Sea Green of Appledore (England).

Reflections on Last Minute Holiday Decorating

This post is all about my reflections on last minute holiday decorating. No...not those kinds of reflections. The real ones. Literally. A couple of days ago I talked with the Facebook crowd about the fact that I will still decorating for Christmas.

Feliz Navidad from Playing for Change

Holiday wishes from one of my favorite organizations - Playing for Change. If I'm not mistaken, Grandpa Elliott from New Orleans (America's deep south) is singing Feliz 'M'avidad - but he rocks it anyway! There are so many ways to support this fantastic initiative - so I hope you'll hop over to learn more about them.

A Day’s Worth of DIY Inspiration – Christmas

Just another day's worth of DIY inspiration - this time for Christmas! It's not too late to whip up this goodness. recycled calendar page as wrapping paper Real Simple Christmas riddle.

Thrifted – Recycled – and Something New: Holiday Decor

It was fun putting together a DIY holiday project as part of the 12 Days of Christmas event hosted by Two Girls Being Crafty. Hop on over to their place to see the full post of how I recycled my thrifted Thanksgiving centerpiece by adding a little something new.

Art Without an Imprint

I see genius like this and I am happy to sit on the sidelines, hoping that a small speck of artistic dust blows my way. This is truly art without an imprint (ok, an imprint on the mind, yes, but not one on the earth) - destined to be blown away by the winds, and washed away by the waters.

Creating Success Around the World – Stylizimo (Norway)

It's late Tuesday night in Europe and you know what that's time for our weekly showcase of crafters and artisans from countries around the world.

Scrap Wood Christmas Tree

I've got a thing about reclaimed and scrap wood today. Already posted today about the floating reclaimed wood shelves. But couldn't resist to share this deliciously adorable scrap wood Christmas tree with you.

Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Not Just a Housewife gets big props from BVC today with her reclaimed wood shelves! She took this free stack of fence wood in her backyard... ...and turned them into these fabulous reclaimed wood floating shelves in her home office.

Clever Household Tips – The Hanger

OK. This post has nothing to do with holiday decor, recycling, or repurposing. But it is one of those 'palm-of-hand-knocking-against temple' kinds of clever household tips.

Quick & Easy Gift Box

As I got ready to put the kid's little surprises in the traveling carrier on the forest funky advent calendar tonight, I whipped up a couple of quick & easy gift boxes made from recycled Christmas cards.

Creating Success Around the World – Ina Olavarria

What do I love most about hosting the European leg of the Creating Success Around the World global blog hop? The interaction with artisans from diverse cultural backgrounds, and the realization of how similar we are despite our differences.

I’ve Been Converted! (Wreaths)

I'm not a wreath person. But after drooling at 70 fabulously unique and (often) repurposed or recycled wreaths over at Under the Table and Dreaming, I've been converted!  I'll share a few of my favorites here, but you just absolutely must see the entire collection.

Make It Merry

14 Days and 14 DIY Ideas with Make It Merry is off and running! In's day three, so don't miss out on the first two posts:Day 1:  Kassi at Truly LovelyDay 2:  Vanessa at Nifty Thrifty ThingsDay 3:And today, Diane (our brain behind Make It Merry) shares her adorable handcrafted tree toppers and ornaments.

Forest Glam DIY

Last night I whipped up a bit of forest glam DIY.I don't know about you, but sometimes the only time I have to finish up projects is late in the evening.

Creating Success Around the World – Made by iSa (France)

It's time for our weekly showcase of crafters and artisans from countries around the world. I'm the Europe host for this global blog hop, and you'll want to make sure to click on my fellow hosts for North America, Asia and Australia at the end of the post for more great interviews.

Artizen Magazine

The newest edition of Artizen Magazine is out....with an article by yours truly (on page 30)! Just click on the cover below and you'll head straight there.

A Day’s Worth of Inspiration – Repurposed DIY

I love recycled. I love upcycled. I love thrifted. I love junked. But my absolutely favorites are...repurposed!Camille StylesLuggage as cat bed1453designsvintage cameras as bookendsOnce Upon a Timecrate as funky chairJeremy Petrusbike seats as benchEtsyend table as wall planterMerrypadcardboard as lampshadenext two are from Frugal MechanicFrugal Mechaniccar transmission as sinkFrugal Mechanicsockets as coffee tableGordon Bennettkitchenware as robot sculptureCarbono Designplastic crates as credenzadecor8 at Flickrend tables as shelvesWas there something that inspired you? Wanna see more?Repurposed DIY:  289 repurposed DIY projects from around the worldRecycled DIY:  13 recycled DIY projects from around the worldUpcycled DIY:  23 upcycled DIY projects from around the worldLots more:  2500 inspiring DIY projects by categories at PinterestUntil next time.

14 Holiday DIY Ideas in 14 Days

It's gonna be good holiday fun this year! Diane at Home Sweet Homemade (the original inspiration behind my recycled button bouquet) has invited 14 of her favorite creative bloggers (yours truly included) to participate in the 2011 Make it Merry event featuring a new DIY holiday project each day for 14 days.

Creating Success Around the World – Handmade by Kalliristi (Greece)

It's Tuesday evening in Europe, Tuesday morning in the Americas, and Wednesday morning in Australia and Asia. That means it's time for the weekly global blog hop, "Creating Success Around the World".

Fun with QR Codes

Can you read it?Make your own at QRstuff.comUntil next time...Mike

22 Inspiring DIY Cork Projects

It's been a long work week. The chill of Autumn hides in the seasonal darkness that lingers outside your windows. You collapse into the corner of your sofa, feet tucked up under your side, and you listen to the crackling of the wood and watch the flames jump in the fireplace (replace this with candles if you are short one fireplace).

Creating Success Around the World – Annemarie’s Haakblog

I've been anxiously waiting to share this new weekly series with you. Why? Because it combines two Cs that I am really passionate about - Creating & Culture.

Recycled Market

There's a new online market in town...geared towards the creatives that specialize in recycled and repurposed arts and crafts - Recycled Market (great name).

DIY Weddings – The Circus

Today's traveling circus post at The Accidental Swede, Blue Velvet Chair's sister blog, had me thinking about some of the fun DIY circus parties I've caught glimpses of lately.

Message in a Repurposed Bottle

What a super cute and simple repurposed decor idea from Cheryl at Nefotlak (try to say that 3 times fast!). It's a modern-day version of 'message in a bottle'.

What’s That ?! – Portraits and Recycling

This is not your typical portrait.Nor is this one. Can you see what they are created with?Not only does Scott Gunderson draw the portrait freehand - which is the size of a wall, I might add - he then REcreates the portrait with.

Global Blog Hop

Earlier this year, Jill at Creating My Way to Success began a new global series that focuses on creators from every continent, and with the recent departure of their European rep, I'm happy to announce I'll be joining the project team as the new Europe connection.

Inspiration – Next Exit

Until next time...MichaelStumble this post


We love them, we hate them. They are beautiful. Fluffy. Soft. Translucent. We loved to blow on them as kids. Now we tell our kids not to blow on them. They are powerful.

Repurposed Tarps-Turned-Curtains

Today's creative share is prompted by two things. First, because Jamie from The Creative Imperative is thinking outside of the box as she remodels her son's bedroom with her repurposed tarps-turned-curtains, and we love people who repurpose and rethink!  Second, she understands the kindred spirit of blogland and shares her tutorials freely so that others can try for themselves (see her comment on yesterday's post 'Recycled Frames and Copycat Dilemmas') as many of you do.

Recycled Frames and Copycat Dilemmas

What a great DIY project idea for recycled frames. I ran across this mirror frame made from smaller bits of recycled frames today at the Anthropologie page while I was checking out their recycled eyeglasses necklace (causing quite a stir with its $498 price tag).

What’s That ?!

Love these bracelets. Had to stare at them a while because I knew they were recycled materials, but they left me thinking, "What's that ?!"Do you see it yet?Here's the back view of the bracelet to give you another hint.

My Favorite Pumpkins

It's been quiet here at Blue Velvet Chair the past several days. I took a break from computers and took my family to Copenhagen, Denmark for a fun weekend visit and some Halloween themed atmosphere at the local Tivoli amusement park.

Running Late and DIY Halloweens

I feel like I'm always running late. Late for meetings. Late for appointments. Late for dinner. Late for parties. Late for dropping off the kids. Late for picking up the kids.

Mosaic Dreaming

One of the happiest things I know on this earth is a good mosaic. Note to self...must find more time to make mosaics!Today I happened upon this artist from Brighton, England, and just had to share.

What’s That ?!

One of my favorite things is the discovery of a creation that makes me stop, stare, and say, "What's that ?!"The latest comes from Christian Faur. Do you recognize what it's made from at first glance?This should give you a good idea.

Art Can’t Hurt You

It's one of my favorite quotes of all time. Art can't hurt you. I bought it on a magnet at an art show in Phoenix, AZ (oh so long ago and far away from present days in Sweden).

Playing For Change

It's not DIY related, but I share because I believe in their message. Enjoy the latest from Playing for Change!Until next time...Mike

Ego – and Blogging

"I suck." That's what I think every time I put some kind of public message out there that looks like this - "I'll get that tutorial up for you this week!" - already knowing that I'm overextended and have little-to-no-chance of getting that tutorial posted.

DIY Design Challenge for Meredith

The challenge...Meredith over at Meredith and the New Yorkie  recently found this oversized frame - curbside in New York City - and asked Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect  and I (here at Blue Velvet Chair) if we had any DIY design ideas for it.

Recycled Sweaters and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Serious jaw drop! Don't you just love it when someone takes recycling and repurposing to a whole new level? Cat with Fairytea in Kilkenny, Ireland, has done just that with her recycled sweater creations - perhaps Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was repurposed? Here are some of my favorites.

Lamps – Recycled and Redesigned

Amy at Four Corners has gone and done it again. She re-creates the most beautiful recycled and redesigned lamps...and they are just too delicious for words.

DIY Inspiration Distraction

I'm just wondering if you do this as well. I'll be looking at someone's photo of their latest incredible project with great admiration...and strikes.

A Driftwood Peace

I'll let the image speak for itself this time.Thanks, Lucy @ Lucy Designs for sharing this fellow Florida artist with us.Until next time...MikeUPDATE:  You can now find Designs Adrift on Facebook.

3 Minute Reflection

Do you have 3 minutes? Can you spend 3 minutes to visit this most unique and thought-provoking museum exhibit via video? It's good to stop, be silent, and reflect every once in a while.

Thrift Store Collections and Friends

Last month I told you about three white ceramic pieces that I'd picked up at three different thrift stores in recent months. And it turned out that these pieces I was so drawn to individually were by the same ceramic artist - even though each was a bit different in style.

Global Recycling – DIY Art

Well global recycling just jumped to a whole new level with this DIY art piece from Beth at Patina White. I missed it the first time around when she posted it early this year.

Oversized Mirror Frame – Recycled Magazines

Whew! I made it! I actually pushed through to finish a project - one that I've been working on for weeks! Rolling... rolling... rolling... hundreds... and hundreds.

Simple. Effective. DIY.

Simple. Effective. DIY. Divine!Until next time...MikeStumble this post

DIY Black Lace Candles

Camilla at Family Chic says her DIY black lace candles are the perfect touch for Halloween. But I could certainly see these fitting in many homes year 'round.

Would You Try This? Pallet Floors

If we could hear the fluttering wings of a butterfly that just discovered a sea of lavender fields in Provence, that's what it would sound like in the room with me today.

Random Acts of Kindness

It's the random acts of kindness in blogland that really draw me in. For instance, this weekend I received help from not one, but two other bloggers. Neither of them know me.

Project Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of a big project that I've been working on a few weeks now. Anyone wanna guess what it is?Watch later this week for the big reveal (assuming I can successfully get it on the wall without breaking it - that's your hint).

Trash? Or Art!

Oh, this kind of stuff makes me stop and stare. For a really long time. Like if I were looking at another person it would certainly get uncomfortable! Trash? Or art! There's no doubt in my mind.

DIY Scrap Wood Art

It's time to pull all those pieces of scrap wood together because Janine at Salvage Love gave us just the right amount of inspiration to create our own DIY scrap wood art.

What’s That ?!

I'm looking at the picture, and I'm thinking to myself, "What's that ?!" The site is in french, but I knew the table was recycled and repurposed...but from what?Ready for this? Repeat after me.

Trash? Or Art!

Look closely at this sculpted tire.Would you put one of these indoors? Or would it have to stay out?Thanks, Recyclart, for finding and sharing this artist.

Wreaths and Non-Wreaths

I must admit, I'm not a huge wreath person myself. But I do love the inspiration that comes in the form of the wreaths. I even keep a Pinterest wreath board to stash all of that inspiration.

Hanging Your Art

Hanging your art doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as simple as this delightful display using...hangers!Heidi at Budget Wise Home gives you a rundown on the supplies needed to create your art trellis and includes a how-to.

Friends Who DIY

Don't you just love friends who DIY? I had a spontaneous visit a couple of weekends ago by a good girlfriend - we've both been missing in action from each other's lives for a few years, so it was lovely to just sit and chat with her.

Light Up The Smile – DIY Chandelier

It may not light up your room, but it will certainly light up the smile on your little princess! This chandelier is made entirely from easy-to-find recycled items.

Trash? Or Art!

Oh the things that people see when they are open to the possibilities! Is it trash? Or art?Do you see what it is at first glance?artbusiness.comIf you guessed cardboard box barcodes.

DIY Log Pedestal Cake Stand

Sometimes it pays off to go back into the archives. That's where I found this DIY log pedestal cake stand from LaLa Laurie via OnceWed.Do you have an upcoming party that requires rustic decor? Maybe you can find more inspiration here on Google images for Rustic Party Decorations.

I Heart Trees

Isn't this just the perfect little table lantern for an engagement party or wedding reception?If you haven't run across yet, you should definitely take a few minutes to have a peek.

A DIY Eureka! Moment

Today I had a DIY Eureka! moment. Unfortunately I don't get them near often enough. I see fabulous projects that others are working with and I get stuck because I don't have those supplies or that know-how.

What Makes A Collection?

Can anyone tell me what makes a collection? Is it more than 1 of something? Or do you have to have a line-up for it to be considered a collection? And when does the collection begin? Is it serendipitous? Or is it more deliberate?In the last three months, and in three different thrift store locations, I picked up three different white ceramic pieces that I was drawn to.

DIY – An Extra Mannequin

Looking for a DIY project for that extra mannequin you have hanging around? Natasha from Punkartkaitsi just happened to have an extra mannequin on hand.

What Do You See?

At first glance it looks like a table full of plates and bowls. Perhaps the photo is turned sideways? What do you see?Did you guess a wall full of plates?See those little black things dangling from the ceiling? Chopsticks! Here's a closer look at that fabulous wall!Yeah, I am SO trying to figure out if I can make something like this happen SOMEWHERE around my kitchen.

Playing For Change

Because I love what they stand for, here's the latest from Playing For Change.This is the magic that happens when just one person is dedicated enough to raise their voice and be heard.

One Idea Sparks Another

I saw this mirror project in a Design Sponge e-mail update today, which then lead me over to Karen's Mosaicworks blog, and it's another case of 'one idea sparks another'.

My Style vs. Scandinavian Style

Creating a home that appeals to my design sensibilities while living smack dab in the middle of Scandinavia clean-line design is best.

Repurposed Art Comes In Many Forms

I'm here to tell you that repurposed art comes in many forms! Just look what Larry Moss does with balloons!Until next time...MikeStumble this post

Finding and Sharing Repurposed Arts & Crafts

Alongside my own desire to create, another goal I have with Blue Velvet Chair is to find and share repurposed arts & crafts from creative souls around the globe (have you noticed, yet?).

Books: Repurposed and Recycled

Creativity for repurposed books strikes again. Daniel Lai with Kenjio has been playing and experimenting with folding book pages since he was a kid in school, and lucky for us he did!This piece below would be great in a meditation space if you happen to have one.

Pallets Still On Trend With Repurposers

There have been some jaw-dropping wooden pallet projects this past year and each one I find seems to up the anty over the last. However, there have been as many concerns raised about using these wood remnants for fear of chemical treatments and bacteria.

On Twigs and a Song: Repurposed DIY Chandelier

There is nothing that makes my heart sing more than a beautifully made repurpose. In this case, it was B.E. Interiors with repurposed twigs (free from the local forest), resulting in a spectacular knock-off.

It’s Made From What? Repurposed Bag

I am having some serious blust over this silver metal bag. Do you see what it's made of?How about now?Did you guess can pop tabs? Escama Studio has upped the 'repurposed anty' with their beautifully made bags and accessories.

80+ Best DIY Paint Chip Projects

Well, I've had my go at using paint chips recently for a baby shower decoration / gift for a friend. And I've since seen some amazing examples of creativity using paint chip cards.

DIY Chandelier From Mystery Parts

Beautiful chandeliers, right? Do you see what they are made from?How about now?Still not sure? Try this!Did you guess bicycle parts?The lamps are designed by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga.

Semi-Extreme Home (Uh, Office) Makeover – Part II

Time for another episode of the Semi-Extreme Home (Uh, Office) Makeover. So, while I'm waiting for inspiration to come down and strike me over the head - giving me just the right idea for a window treatment - I finally brought out the message board that I made over 4 years ago (not kidding) alongside my mom who was over here for a vacay visit.

Will Social Media Connections Help Us Win?

Yes, this is an unabashed request for your help. No, it has nothing to do with repurposed design. It will, however, have to do with remodeling our home if we win - And I would certainly post the photos 🙂 So, will the power of social media connections help us win?We have entered several of our summer photos in a Swedish contest for $1500 worth of outdoor lighting from this place, and our 1971 home needs remodeling and as much help as it can get!(unfortunately this is not our home)You can help us by voting on our photos: Click on each of the links below (5 different photos/pages).

Simple, Beautiful, Repurposed, and Organic – Wood DIY Projects

I'm a sucker for organic repurposing, which is why I think this vase made from birch bark is simply beautiful. It would be the perfect table centerpiece for an engagement or wedding party.

Bottles – Recycled and Repurposed

Well, this just goes to show that you can never have too many empty (glass) bottles laying around. After all, look what you could create with them over the weekend -Trendhuntera humble ceiling bottle designThe Bottle HousesYes, it's a house made of bottlesThe Bottle HousesA wall of bottles in the gardenFelder RushingBottle TreesMarta Thomabottle artOK, maybe saying '.

A Weekend Free of Blogging

A weekend free of blogging gave us a weekend full of living!It was a great family weekend with friends over for a visit from England, a visit to the culture festival, and a couple of day trips.

A Day’s Worth of DIY Inspiration – Repurposed

So much inspiration, so little time!It's DIY, it's repurposed and recycled, it's brilliant!Recyclartmilk crates in an antique buffetNeolooksculptures made from diceFlickrmilk jug iglooNatalie Sampson Designswooden curtain rings bowlNatalie Sampson Designssewing bobbins necklaceArt Kraftwall art made from bedspringsJasmine Orchard Stylingtoy firetruck lampAnd finally, I am seriously blusting (blog lusting) over this piece.

I Heart Reclaimed and Repurposed

Reclaimed wood AND repurposed leather belts AND mason jars - Holly and PJ from Getting Weddy on Etsy put them together to create unique wall sconces.The fact that they are using existing resources makes my heart sing.

8 Simple Repurposed Projects That Rock

I find that some of the most effective repurposed design is really quite simple. Here are a few examples of recent favorites in this category. Being Brook: skateboard shelves lovehome.

Junk On My Mind

It's always on my mind....junk. I constantly scan roadsides while driving. Especially in industrial areas. Looking for something to repurpose and reuse.

Baby Shower DIY Gift – A Labor of Love

Warning:  This project could be hazardous to your mental health.Remember when I showed you the DIY baby shower decorations I made for a friend recently - and promised I'd post the how-to for them? Well, I'm finally getting back to that, starting with the 'C is for Carter' wall hanging.

Toto, I Don’t Think We’re in Kansas Anymore

Growing up in Kansas, I just chuckled when I saw this bookmark tutorial. See Book Mark and 1000's of others - or share your own on Cut Out + KeepToto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore (could be my life theme).

Super Simple DIY Frame

How super simple and super cute is this low-cost frame project from Sweet Peach? And when you are ready to change your color scheme, just repaint the frame!Also.

Semi-Extreme Home (Uh, Office) Makeover – Part I

Well. It's happened. We have officially switched gears from our unfinished bedroom remodel to an office space remodel. Is it just us? Or does this happen to you, too? You get to a stopping point on one remodel project - and that is just enough to take the steam out of you.

Read It and Weep – 16 Repurposed and Recycled Books

Okay, just shoot me now and put me out of my misery! Will I never achieve such creative genius as this? Time to read it and weep...not the ugly cry - it's a happy sob (sigh)! Oh what some people can do with a recycled book or two.

Another Installment of Trash? Or Art!

It's time for another installment of Trash? Or Art!Do you recognize the ingredients for these textural wall hangings?How about a closer look?Still unsure? Does this help?Yes.

DIY Organic Wall Hanging

There's something so right about bringing nature into the home in the form of art or furniture. This cluster of cut logs caught my eye today. Nice and organic! And removable adhesive picture hanging strips allows everyone to try.

DIY Baby Shower Gifts and Decor

A few days ago you got a sneak peek at some of the DIY decor and gifts I was working on last week for a friend's baby shower. It's not a Swedish tradition to have a baby shower before the baby is born (they think it is bad luck to celebrate before a birth), so we do our best to keep our American tradition alive among our friends - and we typically get lots of compliments from our Swedish guests as well.

DIY Baby Shower Decorations and Gifts

This week has been all about making decorations and gifts for a friend's baby shower. The idea of baby showers doesn't exist yet here in Sweden, so a few of us Americans are doing our part to start spreading the tradition within the borders.

Repurposed Plates and Classic Art

Well, this certainly is an altered perspective. I found myself really having to stare at these a while to fully take in the concept. Repurposed plates and classic art paintings merged together.

Recycled and Repurposed Beer Bottles

There's a fun post in the archives over at Salvaged Grace from 'way back' in January 2010 that is as current today as it was in 1907 when some creative soul built a home from recycled beer bottles in the Nevada desert due to the timber shortage.

Trash? Or Art!

Here's what you'll see from across the room. I would absolutely love to have a version of this artwork in my home. I love the soft colors and the lack of a distinct image.

Repurposed All Around

I saw this sweet little candle chandy hanging in a cabin on our recent mini-vacation. It was owned by a Norwegian woman who brought it back from Tennessee.

25 Repurposed Magazine Projects – DIY

It's time for another installment of 'My Favorite Things'. This time I've scoured the net and found 25 of the best repurposed magazine projects. These repurposed craft and DIY ideas range from easy to advanced, some come with tutorials, and others you get to figure out for yourself (or even buy in the case of a few).

The Accidental Swede

Today's blog is a break from DIY and crafting projects. But it still has lots of pretty pictures!The H Clan - my hubby, kids and I - hopped in the car for the 1.


Warning:  there are no pretty pictures in this post. It's a short story.I was explaining some of my repurposed projects to a group of friends one day when one of them piped up with, "When did you become so.

Simple and Sweet DIY

(för svensk versionen, se nedan)Some of my favorite repurpose/diy projects are those that are simple and sweet - like this one where guests showed up for a backyard engagement party, only to find themselves attending a divinely intimate wedding ceremony.

20 Repurposed Headboards That Wisk You To Dreamland – DIY

I've got headboards on my mind! More importantly, I've got repurposed headboards on my mind as we continue with our it's taking forever bedroom remodel.

Repurposed DIY For Everyone!

I've heard it from so many different people...and I've said it myself! "I wish I could..." I'd like to showcase some repurposed DIY designs I've collected that I think anyone and everyone could do - and do well! It won't be hard to find the supplies, either.

Semi-Extreme Home (Uh, Bedroom) Makeover – DIY

We have been in the process of remodeling our bedroom forever! Okay, not forever...but for a really long time. Okay...more like 3 months. But that feels like forever! Maybe because it seems like there is still so much more left to do.

Craftaholics Handmade Gift Exchange

I jumped at the chance to participate in the latest Craftaholics Handmade Gift Exchange - it's like a pen pal...with crafts! I love this concept and the idea of sharing talents - and Linda hosts these exchanges twice per year, so you still have a chance to hop in later this year.

Repurposed Light Globe Turns Bird Feeder

This is another one for the 'why didn't I think of that' file! Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff took something that we've all seen a million of over the years, and turned it into something uber-chic for the garden.

Lucy’s Divine DIY Butterfly

(för svensk versionen, se nedan)Lucy may not be in the sky with diamonds, but she is certainly giving flight to some fabulous DIY flying insects! It makes it impossible for me to resist showcasing her creativity.

4-Legged DIY Creatures

(för svensk versionen, se nedan)Aren't some things just so simple that you think to yourself, "Why didn't I come up with that?"These little DIY drawer tables are one of those things for me.

I Heart Thrifting – The Video

Enjoy my little homage to Mr. Goodwill Hunting's "I

I Heart Thrifting

What a fabulous day I had on Saturday at one of my favorite thrift stores here in Gothenburg, Sweden. If you didn't hear about the "I

Dreaming of Lucy’s DIY Dragonflies

(för svensk versionen, se nedan)I am BLUSTing over Lucy's repurposed dragonflies. Seriously. Have you seen her gorgeous DIY creatures?  OH -  how I wish I could sit and create with her.

Repurposed Design – DIY

I love how Thomas Wold took this pile of junk...Jag älskar hur Thomas Wold tog denna skräp......and turned it into something utterly fabulous!...och vänd den till något helt fantastik!I am inspired!Jag inspireras!Until next time.

4th of July – Land That I Love!

A 4th of July homage to a very wise man (wonder if he had a speech writer).The Gettysburg Address:  Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Scavenging for DIY Junk Supplies

Dear Lord - please send me a sign that I'm not the only one obsessively scanning the landscape for DIY-supply-junk while driving around these days. I will be looking for a Scavenger's Anonymous group very soon!Today while out running errands, I asked my husband to "bear with me" and pull over to a junk pile area I had spied from the highway.

DIY Creative Genius

It's not only the sun and warm weather here in Sweden today that is making me happy! Look at these brilliant minds and their DIY projects. I'm BLUSTing (my new term for blog lust-ing) for each and every one of them!It's appropriate that I start with Rebekah at A Bit of Sunshine - and her 'makes-me-smile' 4th of July banner made from paint chips.

How to Recycle Your 4th of July

My procrastination = a wonderful collection of July 4 inspiration for you!Truth be told...I am a expert procrastinator. I'm also the mother of two young kids that seem to leave a line of destruction behind them wherever they go, leaving me to clean up.

Blog Tips: Grade Your Website

(för svensk versionen, se nedan)Ever wonder how your blog looks to the outside world? Is it the best it can be from a 'technical' point of view? Is it set up correctly so that other people can find it?Have a look at these websites to learn something interesting (and an objective view) about your site.

My Favorite Things – Mason Jar Revival

My friend, "L", recently asked on Facebook…”Should I really buy another mason jar?” As if it were really a question!Here's a small collection of DIY mason jar projects I’ve found most inspiring lately.

Recycled-Repurposed Rotary Telephones

I have a HUGE appreciation for creative genius! Just look at these sheep created from old rotary telephones. LOVE them!See more photos at What the CoolAnd there is always at least one black sheep in the family!See more photos at What the CoolYes, the bodies are the telephone cords.

A Short Story of How I Came to Thrift

(för svensk version, se nedan)  The seeds for my fascination to make ’something out of nothing’ must have been planted long long ago, in my subconscious as a young girl.

DIY Projects in the Pipeline

(för svensk versionen, se nedan)As I  mentioned on the BVC Facebook page the other day, I started a couple of mosaic projects over the weekend. Here's a sneak peek at those, as well as a couple of other garden goodies in the pipeline (for breaks from the time consuming and back-breaking mosaic work).

Handmade Gift Exchange

Have you signed up yet for the biannual handmade gift exchange over at Craftaholics Anonymous? There's no time to waste - deadline is this Monday, June 6.

Thrift Store Treasure Hunt

Ah, thrift store shopping. My heart literally flutters with anticipation as I walk through the doors of a secondhand shop. Silly, I know. But I feel ecstatic and at home in a thrift store.

My Favorite Things – 25 DIY Lamps

Cue Debbie Boone, circa 1977.Well, I have certainly taken advantage of - and extended the 'technical difficulties' blog vacation offered by our friends at Blogger.

Guest Blog with To Sew With Love

Note from Michael: As a relatively new blogger in cyberland, I am truly amazed and grateful for all of you 'givers' out there - you give freely of your time to share a kind word or visit my blog.

Recycled DIY – Pallets and Crates

Have you jumped on the wooden pallet trend train? I haven't made any projects myself yet...but I did rescue one pallet from certain landfill death - and it's pink! It sits and waits patiently in our garage.

Weekends in Sweden

One of the fun things about living over here in Sweden is happening across other Americans who are visiting. A friend and I went over to Marstrand island last weekend with our chickadees for a girl's day out, and ran into this lovely family while we were having a traditional Swedish lunch of fläsk och potatis - which is basically pork cut thinly so it resembles a really thick bacon, and a side of boiled potatoes with seasoning.

A Royal Life

Here in Europe all eyes were on England today as we watched Kate Middleton become a real-life princess when she married Prince William in a beautiful Grace Kelly-esque gown.

Guest Blog Exchange with Home Sweet Homemade

A big welcome to Diane from Home Sweet Homemade. Diane's blog header inspired my button flower bouquet - and she's my guest blogger today! Take it away, Diane.

DIY – Chandelier Tutorial in Pictures

I gave this little ol' lady a new home and a new life. I hope you enjoy my chandelier renovation pictorial.Sending a super huge THANKS and BLUG (that's my word for blog hug) to Roeshel at The DIY Showoff for letting me showcase LuLu's before and after shots over at her place.

Blog Tips: Blog Hops

Do you like to broaden your blog world knowledge like I do? Today's tip focuses on Blog Hops. Check out Blog Hops for an easy way to find new bloggers that share similar interests and new blog world connections.

Blog Tips: It Takes a Blog Village

The folks behind The Blog Guidebook have started a new Blog Club program that links a group of 5-6 bloggers together to provide support, ideas and inspiration for each other.

Guest Post From Simple Home Life

Hello Blue Velvet Chair readers! I'm Jacqueline from Simple Home Life I'm really excited to guest post for Blue Velvet Chair and to share my painted rug with you guys but first here is a little info on me.

Clever Easter Crafts

Holidays always seem to sneak up on me. I'll think of them well in advance - but then the time flies and next thing I know I'm frantically tossing out decorations 'the week of' so that my kids will have some sense of holiday spirit.

Blog Tip: Craftgawker

If you haven't heard of yet, now is the time to check it out! You can't help but be inspired and energized as you scan across the gorgeous photographs of arts and crafts.

Swedish Spotlight on 10

Language(Lang-gwij)-nouna body of words and the system for their use common to a people who are of the same community or nation.Today I want to share with you 10 gorgeous blogs from Sweden that you might miss in your usual rounds simply due to language gaps.

DIY Sneak Peek

Jackpot! I am super excited about finding THE chandelier that I've been looking for to hang in our dining room area - I can barely contain myself! This will definitely make my project list for the week.

Bee in The Blog Guidebook

Jackie over at Simple Home Life blogged about the relatively new Blog Guidebook, so I had to check it out. Glad I did!They are putting together a guidebook of bloggers by category, and sign-up is free for a limited time.

Black and White

In my world there are shades of gray, but in my son's world there is only black and white. If you read my recent Treasure Hunt blog, you'll remember what I mean.

10-Minute Tastebud Fiesta

Did you know that it only takes 10 minutes to create a fabulous fiesta party for your tastebuds? I simply cannot live without the super simple and fresh salsa that I've been making forever now - so much so that I often joke about getting an IV to shoot it directly in my veins! Combine these 5 ingredients (6 if you like it hot) and your tastebuds will be dancing around the Mexican hat in no time!Visste du att det bara tar 10 minuter att skapa en fest för dina smaklökar?! Jag kan helt enkelt inte leva utan min superenkla och fräscha salsa som jag gjort så länge jag kan minnas - jag skämtar ofta om att få det intravenöst! Blanda dessa 5 ingredienser (6 om du gillar det starkt) och dina smaklökar kommer att dansa en Mexican Hat Dance på nolltid! Mer svensk text finns längst ner i bloggen.

DIY Meets Design

Look at this pre-love to re-love gem I stumbled across on our Swedish version of Ebay today (Blocket). This clever soul covered a retro 60s bureau (or a dresser if you're in the States) with Alexander Girard's "Retrospective" design.


I've bumped into several exciting giveaways today and want to make sure that I share the love! 7th House on the Left is hosting a 31 Bits necklace giveaway - not only does their fab jewelry sport a chic design, it also provides independence and power to the women in Uganda who make them.

Treasure Hunt

Last week, a young boy came home from school and instead of the usual leap down the stairs 3-at-a-time to play on the PS3, he asked his mom to take a walk with him in the forest.

Crazy about mosaics

I'm crazy about mosaics. Have been for as long as I remember. Not a clean mosaic, either. I like them 'dirty' - using broken tiles, found objects, discarded junk.

Taking Risks and a Kitchen Remodel

You risk tears if you let yourself be tamed. - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900-1944), The Little Prince I love this quote - for me it is a representation of all things lost when we avoid taking risks, great or small.

I see spots

I bow down to people who can sew...I mean REALLY sew. My mom can sew. My sister can sew. I have friends that sew. I, however, cannot sew. But I still have hope to learn one day.

‘Beyond the pale’ Photoshop

There's gloomy weather outside so I'm having fun inside with 'trial and error' photo editing, creating images from Mia's birthday party that I am sure would make most graphic designers and photographers shudder in their skin - my apologies to all my really professional photo and design friends.

By the light of the moon

I often wonder if we see the same moon from different places around the world. Look at the sky in this photo I just shot from my home in Sweden and you'll know exactly how bright the moon is shining down on us tonight.

Princess Party Extravaganza

It's another princess party for Mia's 6th birthday. I'm thinking about putting together a 'Birthday in a Box' here in Sweden. Anyone interested? Thanks to OneCharmingParty for the rainbow cake idea and Disney Family for the Rapunzel 3D papercraft.

The blue velvet chair

The only piece of furniture that moved with me from the U.S. to Sweden is my blue velvet chair. It has no real monetary value as I only paid $25 at a garage sale.

Mike and Micki at reCreate Design Company

Hi! We’re Mike and Micki, the women behind reCreate Design Company. We love to discover, make and share new ways to redesign salvaged materials – and we’re not afraid to use power tools to do it! You’ll find lots of fun stuff here in our blog, but don’t miss our sustainable reuse interiors portfolio. If you want to learn more about us, or get in touch, you’re just a click away!