10 Cool Ways to Recycle Plastic Bags

Are you planning to go shopping this weekend? Don't throw out those plastic bags just yet - I've got some fun DIY ideas from around the world that will get the "I need to try this" juices flowing!    

11 Recycled Flower Ideas for Spring

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Recycled Toy DIY – A Day’s Worth of Inspiration

  It's Monday, I'm in a playful mood because the sun is shining in Sweden (finally) - so what better time to feature some fun and colorful recycled toy creations! I don't think it matters if you are old or young - these projects are bound to make you smile.

33 Ways To Be Inspired With Sliced Wood

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A Day’s Worth of DIY Inspiration – Recycled and Repurposed

  I just love today's collection of recycled and repurposed DIY inspiration.  

What Can You Do With… Recycled Sinks?

It just takes seeing one picture to make me ask, "What can you do with...". This time around it was a recycled sink.

A Day’s Worth of Inspiration – Repurposed

Some of the repurposed DIY finds for today are just too delicious not to share. Scroll down through the pics for a quick inspiration boost as we move on into this week.

A Day’s Worth of DIY Inspiration – Repurposed

As we close out another week, and open the new, here's another day's worth of recycled and repurposed DIY inspiration to get you going.

A Day’s Worth of Inspiration – Recycled and Repurposed

Here's a day's worth of recycled and repurposed creations for a quick dose of inspiration to get the week started.

22 Inspiring DIY Cork Projects

It's been a long work week. The chill of Autumn hides in the seasonal darkness that lingers outside your windows.