Opening Doors / Dörrar På Glänt

(Svensk översättning längst ned) Sometimes all we need to make us happy are DIY branch door handles.

Dare to be Different / Våga Vara Annorlunda

(Svensk översättning längst ned) What do you remember about places that you visit? Me? It's often the bathroom that really sticks out.

Our DIY Kitchen Remodel

It's the DIY kitchen remodel that never ends. Why? Because of the DIY part! We're ALMOST done. But we've been ALMOST done for the past 3 years! Now it's all about getting up those final pieces of trim, and finally deciding what to do as treatment for the windows (if anything).

The Evolution of a Living Room – Part IV

The home tour continues with a little back story information in The Evolution of a Living Room - Part IV.

The Evolution of a Living Room – Part I I'm taking the plunge into home tours - beginning with our living room. It's not so much a before & after reveal, but the evolution of a living room.