Dare to be Different / Våga Vara Annorlunda

(Svensk översättning längst ned) What do you remember about places that you visit? Me? It's often the bathroom that really sticks out.

Phone Booth For Sale

It’s true. Video killed the radio star. And now mobile phones are killing the telephone booth.

Tiny Houses Made of Junk

These tiny little houses made of junk and scrap wood first caught my eye in a

7 Million Dead in Kuwait

Yes, I admit. This blog post title was intended to get your attention. Did it work? Have you seen the latest photos of the

Small Recycling Habits

I have small recycling habits. I also have big recycling habits. What I hope is that when I add them all together - they make a difference.

Reuse: Old Stuff, New Ways

I love to find new thinkers in the world of reuse and recycle. Like this ridiculously simple but oh-so-clever switcheroo from old sink to new modern chair, courtesy of

3.8 Million Trees Cut Down in China Each Year

"A culture is no better than how it treats its woods." - W.H. Auden This is not an accusatory finger-pointing rant.