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150+ Ways to Recycle Wood Pallets

Have you jumped in yet on the wooden pallet trend? I haven’t made any projects myself yet…but I did rescue one pallet from certain landfill death – and it’s pink! It sits and waits patiently in our garage.

As inspiration for all of us wooden pallet procrastinators, I’ve put together a fun collection of projects I found out there in cyber land, near and far. All I can say is…Wow! It’s amazing what people create from the lowly under-appreciated pallet! Enjoy the show!

do not miss these pictures

So you see? The possibilities of how to use your wooden pallets are endless! All you need is a dash of imagination and the desire to save the world…one- ‘wooden pallet rescued from a landfill life’ at-a-time.

If you still want more, like over 150 fabulous ways to recycle wood pallets, don’t miss this DIY wooden pallet board on Pinterest. There is sure to be a design that will fit in your own home or garden decor.

Until next time…

UPDATE: There has been much debate as to the use of pallets for interior design. Here’s an article from Curbly (Oct 2011) that highlights the subject. It’s an interesting read – including the comments below the article. Have a look, and decide for yourself if you are for-or-against the idea.

  • Ifnotfor Grace

    That’s just pure trashy

    • Kat

      One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure….just saying

  • Ifnotfor Grace

    neat idea for cabins or hunting clubs

  • Ifnotfor Grace

    This just looks too easy!

    • reCreate Design Co.

      Not too easy… have you ever tried tearing apart a pallet? They are beasts!

  • Ifnotfor Grace


    • reCreate Design Co.

      functional AND beautiful!

  • Jeff

    Some cool ideas, some junky ones. Pallets are good for potting tables or planter boxes, but just sticking one against the wall for a headboard?!? Whatever floats your boat.

    • reCreate Design Co.

      Jeff – you’d be surprised how many boats there are to float :-)

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