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12 Cool Projects with Recycled VHS Tape

Today I got a question from June on Facebook asking if I had seen any cool crafts using recycled VHS tapes. I just saw a pretty cool book shelf recently on Recyclart that was made completely from old VHS tapes. June’s question got me thinking of whether you really could do anything with VHS tapes. Guess what. You can! People…you never cease to amaze me! Let’s have a look at what brilliant minds are doing out there with old abandoned VHS tapes. What surprised me the most? How many artists I ran across that are using this material in their works of art.

recycled VHS tape – turned – party dress from Scianca

recycled VHS tape – turned – purse  from My Recycled Bags

recycled VHS tape – turned – contemporary artAdrian Kershaw

recycled VHS tape and discs – turned – Mona Lisa from Nick Gentry

adapt this for VHS tape as wall art by IRI5

yes, it’s all recycled VHS tape! Even the canopy! bu Evelyn Roth

recycled VHS tape – turned – bow from DVD Your Memories

recycled VHS tape – turned – bracelet by Martina Eriksson

recycled VHS tape – turned – purse at My Recycled Bag

recycled VHS tape – turned – clutch purse at Noonday Collection

recycled VHS casette shelves at Recyclart

wreath wrapped with recycled VHS tape from Textiles 4 You

Well, I’m shocked at what people have found to do with old VHS casettes. June, I hope you find some inspiration in here to do something with yours. Come back and share with us if you do!

Until next time…