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Top 17 Ideas for Recycling Toilet Rolls

TP rolls, loo rolls, poo rolls…regardless of what you call them, I don’t foresee a shortage of toilet paper rolls any time soon. And they can only be made into so many TP animals at the kid’s schools (but still, you might see 1 or 2 in this creative collection).  Thank goodness I’ve seen some fabulous TP-roll designs out there in cyberland and it’s time to gather some of the best and share the joy.

I know, I know. Some of you are adverse to using TP rolls – so feel free to insert paper towel rolls whenever you wish.

Here we go!

So now that you’ve seen these ideas…will you be trying any for yourself?

See you soon!

  • mamacrafty11

    I will be trying this one! Love the metallic look.

    • Michael Helander

      Make sure to show us if you try it!

  • Colleen Chapman

    Couldn’t read the directions since they were in a different language. So I will have to do some guessing as I make it.

    • reCreate Design Co.

      Colleen – Ivaalex just shared the materials. Another tip – did you know that if you use Google Chrome as your browser that you get the option to automatically translate any foreign pages? It’s super simple and a great browser to boot!

  • ivaalex

    You need this for the wreath with a metal look.

    Rolls of toilet paper
    Rolls of paper towels – slice 1 cm wide strips.
    Black acrylic or tempera paint – paintbrush.
    Glue the paper
    Clothes pegs – for fastening details.
    Gold spray – it makes the metal look.

    Greetings from Ivaalex

    • reCreate Design Co.

      Ivaalex – thanks for sharing!

  • julue

    Iam gonna so try to make this

    • reCreate Design Co.

      Share pics with us if you do!

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  • sol

    how can i watch the other pics? i can’t click them

    • reCreate Design Co.

      Sol – there are links in the text underneath each pic that will lead you to their original post.

  • mckenzie


  • mckenzie

    how do you make this little giveaway box

  • Clarice James

    Great idea

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  • Naush Samama

    I love working on recycling and repurposing project all the time !! I liked your post so much and have featured you in my facebook page :-