DIY Creative Genius

It’s not only the sun and warm weather here in Sweden today that is making me happy! Look at these brilliant minds and their DIY projects. I’m BLUSTing (my new term for blog lust-ing) for each and every one of them!

It’s appropriate that I start with Rebekah at A Bit of Sunshine – and her ‘makes-me-smile’ 4th of July banner made from paint chips. Makes me want to break out into patriotic song-singing right now!

Grey Luster Girl got my attention with her cereal box 3D stars. I’m a sucker for repurposing…not to mention free decor! She even tells us how she did it with an easy tutorial.

Have you seen these barefoot sandals yet? A touch of glam at the pool? Brilliant! Just type in ‘barefoot sandals’ in Etsy and be ready for a windfall of eye candy!

If anything were going to make me consider having another baby…it would have to be these Bald Baby Hats! Seriously! I cannot keep the corners of my mouth down when I look at this photo! Sarah at Tots & Bottoms shares her yarn hair pattern if your little bald one needs a little hair-in-waiting.

There we have it. My goal to spread a little happiness today is complete.

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