Repurposed Teapot Lamps

Bespoke: Redesigned silver and teapot lamps Client:  University of Gothenburg, Nationella secretariatet för genusforskning Location: Gothenburg, Sweden   Building custom lamps are one of our favorite things to do! This client is located in a 1930s historical home that has been converted to office space for the university.

Göteborgs Universitet – Annedalsseminariet

Sustainable Interiors:  Reused, redesigned and upcycled Client:  University of Gothenburg - Annedalsseminariet Location:  Gothenburg, Sweden   Directive: Redesign this penthouse-level student dining/kitchen interior with sustainability and reuse at top of mind.

Miljöpartiet Reclaimed Wood Letters

Sustainable Interiors:  Reused, redesigned and upcycled Client:  Miljöpartiet Location:  Gothenburg, Sweden   Directive: Create large ‘Nu’ letters in reclaimed wood for the political party’s election huts placed in four high profile locations across the city.

Mötesplats Backa-Brunnsbo

Sustainable Interiors:  Reused, redesigned and upcycled Client:  Göteborg Stad, Mötesplats Backa-Brunnsbo Location:  Gothenburg, Sweden   Directive: Redesign a large former grocery store space that fulfills the community center needs for 5 unique-use spaces within one room; meeting, lounge, dining, craft, and small discussion.

Reclaimed Wood Stackable Arrow Shelves

Bespoke: Transportable shelving for trade show stand. Custom made from reclaimed wood. Client: Nationella Funktionen Sällsynta Diagnoser (NFSD) Location: Gothenburg, Sweden


Sustainable Interiors:  Reused, redesigned and upcycled Client:  TransDev Location:  Gothenburg, Sweden   Directive: Redesign the entry, bus schedule corridor, and mailroom corridor at the TransDev bus terminal.