High Tea – Chandelier

This jaw-dropping chandelier brings new meaning to high tea!

recycled teacup and teapot chandelier
via La Petite Nymphea
via Nice Things

Makes me want to hop right on the plane and head to Valencia in Spain where this boutique is located, just to stand with head tilted upwards, staring at these stunning beauties. And I am SO trying to figure out how everything is connected to create such wonderful whimsy. I understand the stacked teacup arms, but how are the plates attached?

And now I’m thinking of this teacup chandelier that I posted on Facebook back in April. How can one forget such a spectacular creation?

recycled teacup and teapot chandelier
via Magpie

Seriously. It’s time. Time for high tea. Time to try one of these!

Until next time…

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