One Idea Sparks Another

I saw this mirror project in a Design Sponge e-mail update today, which then lead me over to Karen’s Mosaicworks blog, and it’s another case of ‘one idea sparks another’.

What I love about Karen’s mirror project …it’s OVERSIZED! Not to mention the nice repurpose of wooden rulers. I’m a sucker for oversized, and a big believer that oversized works in any-sized room. Design myth #1: you can’t put large pieces in a small room. Rubbish!

What I’m not so keen on is the hefty cost of this project, $350…yikes (disclaimer, that’s my opinion)! BUT, the results and pattern are divine! So…don’t you think it could also be done with reclaimed wood strips? It might not have the same clean line design result, but I still think it would be divine…and cost effective! Do you have any other ideas of what could be used?

What else did I find when I hopped over to Karen’s? She works with mosaics! The heavens open, I stretch out my arms, lift my head towards the sky and (in my head) sing out with a soprano high C. Which brings me back to where this blog started…with one idea that sparks another. Now my head is spinning with the inspiration from Karen’s mosaic images. What a good start to the day!

Until next time…

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