micki holmdahl


Micki – short for Michaela – is a bi-lingual half-American Swede.

She had a dad from Gothenburg, has a mom from Seattle, and spent her formative years adventurously traveling with her family. As soon as the ink dried on her high school diploma, she booked it to Switzerland, eyes alight in anticipation of the glamor of being a ski-bum. A variety of drunk and sober minor celebrities, royals and ski seasons passed by the ritzy bar she worked at, where she also met her Swiss husband.

They (she and her husband, not the royals) followed each other around Switzerland, the United States and England over the next decade while she got her degree in International Business Management, worked in the five-star hospitality industry in Seattle, investment management in Zürich and within event project management in Oxford, on the Isle of Wight and back in Gothenburg, where they finally settled.

Micki has always had a deep passion for the principles of reuse, as she comes from a family who regularly turned docks into doors, and doors into docks, tables, walls, windows… teaching her that only your imagination and the number of rusty bolts you find set the limit to what you can do with what’s available, be it for form, function, art or feeding your spirit.


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