mike helander


That’s right…Mike is a boy’s name. And yes, it’s short for Michael. How’d she get a boy’s name? Her parents promised to name their first son after a family friend – but she was the third daughter…and last child. The name was promised, so that was that!

After a stateside career in international marketing and economic development, Mike moved to Sweden in 2000 and added business development, strategic partner negotiations and social media to her list of experiences. Her portfolio of business experience provided a strong base when it was time to take the entrepreneurial plunge with business partner Micki and commit to the development of their own creative environmental venture, reCreate Design Company.

Apart from the usual suspects of business experience, Mike has also shaken the hands of Margaret Thatcher and Johnny Depp, had an entire conversation in German with an elderly man on a train in Switzerland (note: she doesn’t speak a word of German but she is sure he told her about his cousin who lives over the hill), and met her husband at the train station in Gothenburg when she asked him if he spoke English and could help her find her lost Walkman CD player. He said “yes”, and she’s lived in Sweden ever since. They still have the Walkman!

mike helander at reCreate Design Co.