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miljöpartiet_återbruk bokstäver
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miljöpartiet_återbruk bokstäver

Sustainable Interiors:  Reused, redesigned and upcycled

Client:  Miljöpartiet

Location:  Gothenburg, Sweden



Create large ‘Nu’ letters in reclaimed wood for the political party’s election huts placed in four high profile locations across the city. Use logo font and color.


Our solution:

– A set of 4 ‘Nu’ reclaimed wood letters, 1 meter high, using wood salvaged from an 1890s fish oil factory on Sweden’s west coast


Behind the scenes:

If we were going to get a call from any of Sweden’s political parties, it perhaps makes most sense that it was Miljöpartiet.

They were looking for oversized letters for the rooftops of their campaign huts. And because they wanted to be smart in the use – or reuse – of materials, they were referred to us to create the letters from reclaimed wood.

We began with a design that quickly showed the weight of the letters might be too much for the small hut roofs. So we rethought, readjusted, and came up with a new plan to build hollowed out box letters. We pulled out our old-school projector to create a font pattern and split the letters into parts that were then sawed out and built in the hollow box design. Lucky for us we had a large pile of reclaimed wood out back that was perfect for this project.

The wood we used to build the letters can be traced back to the roof of a 1890s fish oil factory that still stands along Sweden’s west coast. The fish oil factory may no longer be a working facility, but the wood continues to live on for a second life as a political campaign slogan.


Sustainable reuse interiors in action!