Reuse, Repurpose, Relove

Walking the Walk – on Recycled Rugs

Do you “walk the walk” for creative recycled designs? For me, it’s a journey that takes me further along my path each day.

Today’s share is a collection of some of my favorite underfoot recycled design – so your little tootsies have something comfy to glide across while you are busy walking the walk.


Who’s up for a game of ‘This little piggie…” on your very own recycled rugs tonight?


  • Brian of

    That’s super funky! I can only imagine the great shapes and colors that could be done across the board. The book rug is stunning.

    • Michael Helander

      Hi Brian! Isn’t it fabulous? I know people struggle with the demo of books – but I’m on a mission to let people know that a new life in a new form is better than the doomed life at the landfill!

  • Cindy of Artizen

    Love Pamela. Way cool!

  • Cindy of Artizen

    And the belts are perfection.

  • Aleksandra

    Great ideas!