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Repurposed DIY For Everyone!

I’ve heard it from so many different people…and I’ve said it myself! “I wish I could…”

I’d like to showcase some repurposed DIY designs I’ve collected that I think anyone and everyone could do – and do well! It won’t be hard to find the supplies, either. Not only will you feel the elation of creation, you’ll also be warm and fuzzy in your heart – knowing that you’re helping to save the Earth, one repurposed project at a time.

do not miss these pictures

So, no more “I wish I could…”. Next time it’s just “I could.”

If you are looking for loads of repurposed DIY inspiration, check out this Pinterest board with over 500 unique ideas at every level.

Until next time…

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  • poindextr

    you're absolutely right! these are great examples – I get so inspired from seeing creativity in action like this! thanks ever so much for sharing :)

  • Anonymous

    for the bookshelves, if you place the bracket going upwards and stack on other books, they appear to be floating!

  • Tam

    absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  • myhappyhappenings

    These are incredible ideas! Thank you so much!!!

  • justsweetangel

    I love your ideas very creative!


    Excellent projects. I love them. Thanks.

  • Vivianne Pontes

    Loved your choices 😀 Thank you for the visit.

  • Kathy

    Love the book shelves! We have to try this! And the apple crates remind me of working on my grandparents' orchard. I always thought they were rustic and gorgeous – would have never thought to hang them this way. –

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, new to site and DIY … the site with the apple crates is in German … how would I do this project? I love it, but, again, I am new and need instructions for everything, I guess! Thanks!

  • Blue Velvet Chair

    Hey Anonymous – I'm pretty sure she just painted them with these fab colors and then turned them sideways and screwed them into the wall. You'll need proper screws, possibly with the plastic wall plugs to hold them secure since you'll want to put some things in the crates once they are mounted to the wall. Now the trick is to find some crates!

  • Anonymous

    those book shelves made out of books are awesome, getting inspired already for office decor

  • Nikki Wynn

    i really liked all of the branch ideas. thanks!

  • Heather

    I just love those book shelves! Since I actually have a ton of old books I inherited when a great aunt died, this may actually be something I can actually do without having to buy anything. It's a crafter's dream!

  • Brittney

    Where could I get apple crates for cheap? I love that idea for my laundry room for a place my kids can put their shoes when we come in from the garage! Thanks!

  • Nathasha Alvarez

    I love the book shelves. I'm going to do that at my new place. thanks for sharing.

  • Romantic Desires

    What a great collection of ideas for the home!

  • Anonymous

    the flowers on the walls, what are those made of…i love all of the ideas, just need a little direction i guess!

  • Blue Velvet Chair

    The flowers on the wall…can you believe that they are paper cupcake liners? They are held with thumbtacks in the center. Isn't it divine?

  • Blue Velvet Chair

    Thanks! I want everyone to know that recycled and repurposed creativity is within reach for everyone. Glad you enjoyed.

  • Blue Star Vermont

    Thanks for the great ideas. I just pinned your "book" shelf image onto Pinterest to spread word of you there.

  • Blue Velvet Chair


  • disa