What’s That ?! – Sea Urchins

I haven’t posted an edition of What’s That ?! for a while now…time to jump start them again. This one is pretty easy – but I think these repurposed art sculptures are so beautiful that I wanted to share.

Can you guess with the first picture what these sea urchin art sculptures by Jennifer Maestre are made from?

pencils repurposed as art

If you didn’t get it on the first guess, this next close-up will definitely give it away.

repurposed pencil art

Sometimes I like to show repurposed projects like these – even though they aren’t recycled themselves – to help inspire you to think of new ways to create. Just think of sculptures like these made with recycled pencils or crayons.

repurposed pencil art

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  • Brian of GadgetSponge.com

    So, so Cool! I can only imagine the time it took and how much money to get all the same shades of colors. Kudos!!!

    • Michael Helander

      I know! It’s the time that amazes me! I’m fascinated with the clean cut across those pencils.

      • Constance

        {Very goG||Excellent|oreatdGood|Really good|Wonderful|Nice}, {I have to|I must|I need to|I’ve got to} {forwarding|sending}, yes {I am|I’m} sure?- {thanks|many thanks|thank you|thanks a lot|thx|thanks much|thanks !|thanks alot : )|thank you so much|thankyou} zplmlp20121114


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