School Groups

Book one of our creative reuse workshops and give your team a well-deserved break away from the office! Our workshops are designed to encourage fresh new ways of thinking as your team discovers new form and function from reclaimed materials. We’ll work with you to develop a custom-designed project for your group – and send your team back to the office with a renewed approach to problem solving and a feeling of common accomplishment, not to mention a spectacular piece of art to hang in your office!

One of the most valuable learning tools for children comes in the form of hands-on experimentation. Our uniquely designed creative reuse workshops for school groups are designed to guide students as they become artists, environmentalists, and inventors for the day. We develop projects that promote the reuse of existing materials in order to open and expand their minds to the unlimited possiblities of redesign through reuse. The fact that the school gets a beautiful art installation as a result is just the icing on the cake!