Is your company moving, resizing, or remodeling?

Watch our video and learn how to purge your surplus and unused furniture – at the same time boost your sustainable profile and find savings in your project budget!

We match companies with local schools and non-profit groups that need your old furniture. You do the right thing by extending the lifespan of the things you no longer need, and the schools and non-profits get to spend their limited budgets on more critical areas related to their activities. Everyone goes home happy with a job well done!

Can’t see the video? Here’s what it says!

You’ve got a problem! Your company’s ready to remodel, move or consolidate. And everyone’s focused on the new office and new furniture…but no one’s thinking about how to get rid of the old stuff!

The result?

Your old furniture gets tossed into containers and driven away in a last minute and stressed decision. And no one’s happy!

Meet Mike and Micki at reCreate Design Company. They’re experts at finding new users for your old furniture.

First, they identify a resale value and sales get credited back to YOUR budget. Next they help you donate. Local schools and non-profits NEED furniture. Mike and Micki match those needs with your old inventory. They get to spend their limited budget on more important things, and you save the transport and environmental costs to get rid of it. Everyone wins! What’s left is recycled and becomes heating for homes and businesses across Sweden.

Next thing you know, your problem is solved!

When it’s all over you’ll even get a report that outlines your company’s contribution to real sustainability. It includes good stuff like savings, % of furniture rescued, easy-to-understand recycling results, and best of all – the profiles and thank you letters for the schools and non-profit groups that you helped.

It’s a ready-made custom PR campaign that you can share with your employees, business partners, and the world! Environmentally and economically…inventory relocation works!

So…Is your company serious about sustainability? Contact us and let’s make it happen!

reCreate Design Company