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We spend up to one-half of our waking hours at work. That’s why we believe our office interiors should be a sanctuary of creativity and promote positive interaction amongst work colleagues. We also think an office should reflect the growing emphasis on sustainability and environmental health. That’s why we established reCreate Design Co. as a sustainable interior design firm that delivers projects designed to reduce new consumption spending, extend the lifespan of existing furnishings, and insert a huge dose of individualized personality into your office profile with redesign that sacrifices neither quality nor style!

Let’s ‘fika’ and discuss how we can boost the creativity within your walls through redesign – and expand your company’s CSR profile along the way. We work directly with companies and organizatons that want to explore full reuse interiors, as well as interior designers and architect firms that are looking for bespoke pieces to nestle within their own design schemes.

Many of us fall into the same trap of decorating our houses with resale value in mind. It’s time to stop that madness and start decorating to make your house a home that is uniquely yours. Mike and Micki at reCreate Design Co. work directly with you to plan and create a statement piece – or an entire space – with our unique reclaimed and repurposed art, furniture, and lamps.

We love to create a space that gives you a personalized place to inhabit, your guests a ‘Wow, that’s so cool’ moment, and everyone something to talk about! Whether you have an entry that refuses to say ‘Welcome’, a room like all other rooms, or a space on a wall that is screaming for a big dose of ‘this is my house’ individualism – set the budget and send us a note. We’ll create something fabulous and uniquely you, using only reclaimed and repurposed materials. That’s what we do – and we’re pretty good at it if we’re allowed to say so ourselves!

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