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Our unique reclaimed and repurposed interiors give design- and environmentally-conscious clients an alternative to traditional interior design options. We create stories and one-of-a-kind ‘aha’ moments that ultimately reflect a rehabilitation of both the materials and people involved in every project.


When your company or organization is ready to move, resize, or remodel, we match your surplus furniture and office supplies with the needs of local non-profit organizations. Instead of being chucked into containers and driven away to the dump, we’ll get your old furniture into the hands of schools, youth organizations, and other non-profits who desperately need to use their limited budgets for their core activities. Watch our quick info video to see how it works.


We believe that every space should have a special something in it to create a stop-dead-in-your-tracks ‘WOW’ moment. We design and build one-of-a-kind furnishings, lighting, and art with reclaimed and repurposed materials.


Redesigning with reclaimed materials requires diffrent solutions and new ways of thinking. Our in-house teambuilding and private group workshops will challenge your group to reuse materials and create group-based or individual pieces for your home or office. No creative skills necessary because we’ll guide you through the process of “making something out of nothing”.


If you have your own project to build but lack the space, tools, or simply don’t want to dirty up your space at home, join us for studio share time. Pay an hourly rate and you’re instantly part of a collaborative group with diverse skills, ideas and solutions.


When you have the manpower but lack ideas, we’ll put our sustainable reuse expertise to work for you. Consulting projects have included conferences, trade show displays, event planning, and more. And when you lack the manpower, we’ll take on the project management for you as well!


It’s not only scrap materials that get a new lease on life in our studio. We’ve also seen first-hand the natural rehabilitation of people that occurs in our unusual and unique approach to creative redesign. That’s why we work closely with Sweden’s unemployment office to engage individuals that are isolated from the workforce. Their stories become intertwined with our client’s stories that are created through interior and inventory relocation projects, resulting in amazing personal development experiences for both our clients and our work-placement participants.