Trash? Or Art!

Here’s what you’ll see from across the room. I would absolutely love to have a version of this artwork in my home. I love the soft colors and the lack of a distinct image. Can you guess what it’s made from?

Here’s a closer look. Does it look familiar yet?
I simply adore and admire anyone who takes trash / discarded items / junk and creates something so spectacularly beautiful. This 8′ x 5′ art piece is made of approximately 40,000 pieces of junk mail. JUNK MAIL! 
photos from Rag & Bone

I’m a loyal recycler (thanks, Sweden, for making it a part of everyday living), but I’ll be thinking twice next time I get a stack of junk mail…can I make something this beautiful?

I also loved listening to Amanda Nelsen, the artist of this artwork, as she talked about her work with ‘found paper’. Take a look if you want a quick 5 minutes of feel-good inspiration.

Looking for recycled / repurposed paper projects for your own project inspiration? Then you’ll want to take a peek at 25 of the best DIY repurposed magazine projects that I found across the Internet.

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