It’s time for another installment of ‘My Favorite Things’. This time I’ve scoured the net and found 25 of the best repurposed magazine projects. These repurposed craft and DIY ideas range from easy to advanced, some come with tutorials, and others you get to figure out for yourself (or even buy in the case of a few). What do I like best with repurposed magazine arts and crafts…they are low-to-no cost! The downside? They can often be VERY time consuming projects – so beware!

Ready to be inspired?

drink coasters
wrist purse
wall art (leaves)
decorative bowl
photo frame
hanging mobile
mirror frame

mirror frame
wall art
a wall of stacked magazines!
end table
portrait art
starburst mirror
extra seating stool
hanging stars
You’ll find these and even more inspiration for repurposed magazine projects on my Pinterest board – check it out. Can’t wait to see what you create!
Until next time…

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7 Kommentarer
  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    These are all fantastic! My favorite personal item is an old silk tree from which I stripped the leaves and replaced them with leaves cut from magazine pages. Fun and a real conversation piece!

  2. poindextr
    poindextr says:

    Michael, LOVE your roundups. Anything made from upcycled paper is A+ with me. These are all fabulous and I'm so flattered to be included with the rest of these awesome projects. Thank you! xo Diane


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