recycled and repurposed pan and silverware lamp


I just love today’s collection of recycled and repurposed DIY inspiration.


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Perhaps these inspirational ideas seem extra special because it’s an extra special week! We hit 1 million page views this past weekend. And today we hit 2,000 Facebook friends in our community. Know what else today is? The 1 year anniversary of Blue Velvet Chair! Join me in a virtual toast to the BVC blog – past, present, and future!


Michael Helander


Until next time…


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  1. StarTraci
    StarTraci says:

    Except for the Barbies which freaked me out, as well, they were all cool. I really love that first wall unit — unique and useful!

    Came over from Simply Junebug's Sunday Social.


  2. junebug
    junebug says:

    I love the table and the book shelf but the Barbie necklace really freaks me out. 🙂

    Congrats on your success!! Your passion is inspiring.

  3. Blue Velvet Chair
    Blue Velvet Chair says:

    Isn't that bookshelf interesting? You'd have to really work to make sure and have the right size books, etc. Do share with us if you try it – I would love to see and I know others would too.

  4. Brian GadgetSponge
    Brian GadgetSponge says:

    Super congrats on the milestone!!! The future looks bright for Blue Velvet Chair! And super creative ideas you shared in the post. I really like the "book" shelf. Happy First Birthday!


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