As we close out another week, and open the new, here’s another day’s worth of recycled and repurposed DIY inspiration to get you going. Be sure to check out several of these sites to see more of their fabulous creations. I’m a huge fan of Brian Carlisle’s birdhouses. Originality must be in his DNA. And in the DNA of Madeleine at Madame Boulestiex. She’s got some unbelievable repurposed chandeliers that spread happiness everywhere they hang. Here we go!
Brian Carlisle via JunkMarket Style
Uncommon Goods
El hada de papel
REVIVE the Fourth R
Better Homes & Gardens
Hill Country Homebody
Light Blue Grey
JunkAngel via JunkMarket Style
Madeleine Boulestiex 
Anything that you’d try to DIY for yourself? I want to try a birdhouse (already have a vintage Corn Flakes tin to try it with) and a chandelier from bits and bobs (I’ve got lots of those around).
Until next time…

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  1. madeleine
    madeleine says:

    Hello BVC, thanks so much for putting my stuff on your blog – but I'm not Madame! just Madeleine please or I'll start feeling like my French grandmother! Thanks and enjoyed your blog


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