Well, this just goes to show that you can never have too many empty (glass) bottles laying around. After all, look what you could create with them over the weekend –

a humble ceiling bottle design
Yes, it’s a house made of bottles
A wall of bottles in the garden
Bottle Trees

bottle art
OK, maybe saying ‘…a weekend’ was stretching it a bit. But, I bet you could pull out one of these projects below in a weekend with the right tools and inspiration!
Bottle tree
wine bottle vases
bottle vases
bottle light
I am blusting over those bottle trees! Need to try one for myself.
Until next time…

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  1. Nutbird
    Nutbird says:

    What about a bottle topiary tree with little lights inside the bottles. I would hate to be under that bottle ceiling if there were an earthquake or tornado. But it is beautiful and probably good insulation. Ann


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