Summer is relaxing. A little too relaxing perhaps?

My blogging and research for recycled design inspiration has been sporadic at best – but as the summer winds down and I return to some sense of normalcy (at least in my dreamworld), the search for cool ideas to inspire you will increase – I promise – Scout’s honor.

Let’s start anew with a fresh day’s worth of creative recycling ideas and inspiration, shall we?  And don’t forget, the sources are always listed in the photo captions if you want to learn more.


For all of you who voted for toilet paper roll projects on today’s Facebook page poll, stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post.

Hey då (pronounced hay doe – that’s ‘bye’ in Swedish)

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  1. Lisa Robinson Shehan
    Lisa Robinson Shehan says:

    Do you know if your website could make a poster of this picture of the baby grand fountain? or could you contact the person who originated in on FB? My daughter loves this picture and would love to have it as a poster for her room (24×36 would be GREAT!) Thanks. If you have any information, please email it to me at with the subject “Piano Poster”. Thanks!!


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