I gave this little ol’ lady a new home and a new life. I hope you enjoy my chandelier renovation pictorial.

Sending a super huge THANKS and BLUG (that’s my word for blog hug) to Roeshel at The DIY Showoff for letting me showcase LuLu’s before and after shots over at her place.

Until next time…

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  1. Carley Jacobson
    Carley Jacobson says:

    This is a really awesome and beautiful project! I am a site manager on Instructables.com. You should consider submitting this as an entry to our DIY Wedding Challenge. We're giving away a $1500 credit to SniqueAway.com along with KitchenAids Mixers and power drills.

    You can check out the contest here: http://www.instructables.com/contest/wedding/

    I would be happy to feature it on our site if you decide to post the instructions there and help get it noticed among our 10 million visitors. Let me know if you have any questions!


  2. Terry
    Terry says:

    I love your new chandy! And getting the family involved makes it that much more fun! Great job, looks like it was a little bit of work but definitely worth it! Thanks for linking up!

  3. At The Picket Fence
    At The Picket Fence says:

    Hi there! I'm visiting from Green Door Designs party and that Lulu's makeover is absolutely fabulous! She looks gorgeous and I am just loving your entire blog. 🙂 Can't wait to go peek at some of your other projects and I'm a new follower now!

  4. Jami
    Jami says:

    That is a gorgeous Chandelier! You did a beautiful job bringing her back to life. I'm so glad you linked it to the Tuesday To Do party! Can't wait to see what lovely you post next!

  5. Cherie
    Cherie says:

    Wow… i think that is one of the prettiest chandeliers that I have seen in blog world.
    Love the glass bubbles.

    visiting from Remodelaholic.

  6. Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents
    Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents says:

    This is such a beautiful chandy! Love how you saved it and brought it back to beautiful glory! I redid one recently, too, and it hangs in my kitchen now! Vintage lighting is just so special, isn't it?!?!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  7. Kim
    Kim says:

    Now that is just amazing! I'm so happy to have found your wonderful blog. I'm your newest follower. Hope you stop by for a visit sometime.

  8. Blue Velvet Chair
    Blue Velvet Chair says:

    Meerje – funny that you mention that about her old clothes. I have also planned to find her a new set of clothes (2nd hand of course) and dye them a fun teal color. I'll make sure to post when I get that done.

    Jackie – thanks for the props!

    Kelli – It's taken me 6 years to find my creative soul again (post small children)…it's good to be back – wish I was there to DIY in person with you!

    Mrs. Grinder – Welcome! Hope you'll stop by often.

    Roeshel – thanks for the guest blog spot at your place. I forgot to mention that in my pictorial…just edited the post to link to you.

    Marie, Leen, and Linda – thanks for the kindness.

    Jeanne – Glad to meet you and your dog! Is the dog a girl? With a name like Mike, you never know!

    Thanks for the DIY love, everyone!

  9. Meertje
    Meertje says:

    Your Lulu is very nice, I love to see, how you do this.
    Only the original clothes, I don’t like.
    I thank, this Beauty, have to have a new dress.:-))

  10. Kelli
    Kelli says:

    Mike – see, this is why I love you! I don't think of the cool things you do, but at least now with your blog, I can live vicariously! Love Lulu!

  11. Mrs.Grinder
    Mrs.Grinder says:

    just found your blog, this light fixture is AMAZING! the drop down water drop looking things make it so much different than the fixtures you see around often! love it & glad i found your blog! xox

  12. Jeanne
    Jeanne says:

    Mike! I'm so glad you introduced yourself. Thank for visiting Bees Knees Bungalow. You were right, your LuLu is Fabulous! Excellent job. Just awesome. I followed! My dog's name is Mike!
    xoxo Jeanne.
    Bees Knees Bungalow


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