It’s the DIY kitchen remodel that never ends. Why? Because of the DIY part!

We’re ALMOST done. But we’ve been ALMOST done for the past 3 years! Now it’s all about getting up those final pieces of trim, and finally deciding what to do as treatment for the windows (if anything). But… that doesn’t seem to give us the kick in the pants that we need to forge ahead. One day.

What I can say is that we’ve come a LONG way from where we started when we moved in. I didn’t realize so many different kinds of wood and surfaces could be fit into one small space until I moved into my 1971 Swedish renovation home!


Want to see our living room renovation? We tore out an ENTIRE exterior wall there to put in floor-to-ceiling windows. At least that project was done in the summertime!

Until next time…

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  1. Shari
    Shari says:

    Nicely, done! Sigh, maybe one day we will start our kitchen remodel project. It has only been 15 years of dreaming and discussing! I am chomping at the bit…Hubby doesn’t trust me to DIY it b/c I have so many projects started, that I have lost interest in & he is afraid I will do that again.
    I totally get his concern, but for Pete’s sake, it is the kitchen! We kind of need it finished. The dishwasher broke two years ago…I said that I could wait until we remodeled…it would sure be nice to use the dishwasher for something other than a dish drying rack!

    Thank you for letting me vent…Just needed to get that off my chest.

  2. Suze
    Suze says:

    What a lovely kitchen. I could live with that!
    FYI-our friendly neighborhood handy man loves IKEA kitchens. According to him, they are as good as any top of the line stuff he has ever put in. To my friend who suggested they were not good quality, I’d have to answer that my builder (not good) quality cabinets have lasted over 30 years. Surely I can go out with IKEA cabinets!


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