DIY recycled old window message board

by Michael Helander

Turning an old window into a new message board not only does a good deed for Mother Earth, it also does a good deed for your home decor and personal style!

Our friend Kate stopped by for a workshop and knew right away that she wanted to do something with one of the old windows we salvaged from a 100-year-old house out in the Swedish countryside. Because she and I had talked the evening before via Internet and swapped some photos and elementary drawings (more on that in my next post), I knew exactly what room, wall color, and decor aesthetic that she was going for and had several different ways she could DIY the window.

She landed with the French provincial rooster theme and was off to create. You’ll find more notes about this window project underneath each of the photos in the gallery below.


Hey Kate – you made this! Well done, and I can’t wait to see your next project in your dining room.

Until next time…

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