DIY shabby chic upcycle

Sometimes there just aren’t the right terms to describe a design aesthetic. My friend said she wanted her old hope chest refurbished and upcycled in shabby chic style. But when you stand in her home, it is anything but shabby chic. So we created a shabby chic ‘light’ version – slightly distressed, but still clean enough to fit in her own home decor. We’re happy with the results, and more importantly she was happy with the results. She’s still telling me days later how good it looks in her room. And that feels so good to hear! After all, hers was our first client piece to come into the studio, and leave with a full makeover.

DIY shabby chic upcycle


Every DIY upcycle deserves a good ‘before’ photo. And this 80’s hope chest was no different. She had sentimental value, but the years made her look a bit tired and worn down.

DIY shabby chic upcycle


She got pretty new clothes…

DIY shabby chic upcycle


… and we jazzed up her original hardware.

DIY shabby chic upcycle


She’s back home now with her rightful owner, but we sure did enjoy spending time with her while she stayed with us at the studio (and we hope to be meeting her cousins sometime soon – a couple of dressers also stuck in the 80’s).

Until next time…

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