blue vintage book hook

We just love everything about them!

baby björn on vintage book hook

Whether it’s your babe’s bib, a handtowel, or your springtime scarf… keep them in reach and keep it cute! And no worries, folks. These books were already earmarked for the dump.

kitchen towel reclaimed book hook

kitchen towel reclaimed book hook for handtowels

They’re super fun and not so hard to make.

reclaimed book hook for scarves

fork hook on reclaimed book

The trick is to find 2 different sized books that compliment each other – and then add a hook that brings a pop of personality.

creating a vintage book hook

We remember the exact image from Knick of Time Interiors’ post on Hometalk that inspired us to include these DIY projects on our workshop project docket. There’s nothing we don’t love about this row of book hooks and their hook accessories!

colorful vintage book hook

We really encourage you to try one for yourself – it’s such a perfect addition to every style of kitchen from farmhouse to sleek modern minimalist. And if you want to find more DIY projects to try with your pile of books, just pop on over to our Pinterest board and browse through some of our favorite DIY save-a-book-today projects.

If you’d be interested in seeing a tutorial make sure to leave a note in the comments below. We’re happy to get one together.

See you next time!

Mike & Micki

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  1. Jean filkin
    Jean filkin says:

    Great idea and a wonderful way to use books instead of adding to the dumpster. Would love to see a video. Thanks


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