DIY butterfly from table leg

Dragonflies and butterflies…

DIY butterfly from table leg

If you are like me, you also keep a TRY or Die board on Pinterest – with the all of the projects that you really want to DIY. I have a board like that, and it’s BURSTING at the seams with over 200 ideas! I’m finally trying some of them and having the best of times with the inspiration shared by others.

One project I’ve been wanting to try for quite a while now are Lucy’s dragonflies over at Lucy Designs. They captured my attention at first glance and were one of the first ideas I ever added to my ‘must try’ Pinterest board. She just posted a new batch and she’s even selling them now on Etsy if you want to skip the DIY and purchase one of her fabulous creations.

I invited my friend Marie over and we created these three cuties:

DIY dragonfly from table leg

DIY butterfly from table leg

DIY dragonfly from table leg

Lucy has shared tutorials in the past and you can search her site to find one…or come back to visit tomorrow and I’ll tell a bit of how we made ours. Thanks for your creativity and inspiration, Lucy! My home style just got a nice addition thanks to you.

Until next time…


p.s. Is your ‘try or die’ list over at Pinterest packed as well? Leave a link to your board – I’d love to come have a peek.

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