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Everything we do at reCreate Design Company is focused on one (really important!) thing – extending the lifespan of existing materials. How we go about that is as diverse as the very materials that we salvage, rescue, and redesign. Whether we’re installing our signature style of reused and repurposed interior design in an office environment, or we’re finding new users for furniture inventory that is no longer needed by companies, we’re contributing to a sustainable profile and lifestyle for our clients, our community, and ourselves. Have a look around our website and learn more about how reCreate Design Company projects and recycled designs unite the “first life” history that comes embedded in reused materials with the “second life” story-in-the-making for our clients.




People always ask us how we get our collection of reclaimed materials, and the answer is…every which way possible! We hear about people who are clearing out spaces, we dumpster dive, we search high and low for piles of junk abandoned across the country, and sometimes we purchase from secondhand stores or individuals. It’s an inspired collection of scrap!


Whether we are creating a new interior with reused furnishings, or clearing out an old office and finding new uses for excess furnishings, space is a very important part of our business model. Our projects are designed to compliment and enhance the corporate social responsibility (CSR profile) of our clients, accomplished by creating and clearing spaces.


We believe in the multiplier impact of a social mindset, which is why from day one we included it as part of our business plan. Bringing a social enterprise aspect into our projects not only affects our story – and the story of our clients – it also affects the stories of the individuals that we nudge one step closer to the Swedish job market. One project, so many stories!

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Today’s companies want sustainable interiors that reflect the unique personality of their business, at the same time enhancing their CSR profile. Our reclaimed furnishings and spaces create stories and experiences.


We deliver sustainable and economical solutions for surplus office furniture and supplies via our network match program with resellers, schools and non-profit organizations.


Most spaces are crying out for something unique, something that makes us stop in our tracks and say “WOW!”. We create one-of-a-kind pieces from reclaimed and repurposed materials that guarantee a double take!


Company teambuilding and school group workshops are designed to explore new ways of thinking as participants find, build and create new form and function from reclaimed materials.


We Have a Blog

reclaimed wood bench

How Leftover 2x12s Became Something Even Better

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When friendly carpenters/craftspeople/random junk collectors find their way into our humble little studio with leftover 2x12 wooden boards, workshop-Lina gets happy!     Wood isn't just wood. Besides being a fabulously…
piano art progressrecreate design company

See What Happens Behind-the-Scenes

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Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at one of our sustainable reuse interior projects? It's a crazy every-changing puzzle of redesigning with reclaimed materials that rarely behave the way you want them to, scoping multiple locations…
röhsska museum mood board redesign

The Best 'NO' We Ever Got

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We submit a lot of concepts to clients, but not all become actual projects.  That means that there are many redesign ideas that never come to the table and never get used. This is one of those ideas that never happened. We are particularly…
church sermon inspired by recreate design companyrecreate design company

Unusual Places

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Today we have a guest blogger, Mia Helander. Mia is 15 years old and is interning with us this week as part of her school requirements. Help us welcome her by leaving a comment after the blog. Take it away, Mia!   These days, reCreate…
Micki reads GP Två Dagar artikel

Två Dagar meets reCreate Design Co.

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It's always fun to see yourself through the lens of another... this time it was through journalist Johan Brink who writes for the Göteborgs-Posten weekend newspaper supplement Två Dagar. Thanks, Johan! We try to send good things out into the…

Redesignade Tekanne Lampor

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Är du som oss, så blir du lätt trött på att se samma gamla lampor i kontorsinredningar. Suck. Bara därför att det är en arbetsplats innebär inte att den måste vara tråkig! Tvärtom så borde den vara det motsatta - en inspirerande…

Mycket proffsigt genomförd workshop! En väldigt fin start på projektet.

Christin Carlsson
Regionansvarig, Miljöbron Göteborg

Your design has changed the way we interact with each other.

Merritt Polk
School of Global Studies,  University of Gothenburg

We really loved how much heart reCreate puts into everything they do from educating the students, working alongside them and the works of upcycled art they reCreate!

Ellen Trelles
International School of the Gothenburg Region

I was impressed by their creativity, their contagious enthusiasm and their sharp ability to understand what I had in mind for the restaurant.

Benedicte Boutou
Owner, Oui Interiors

Thanks to reCreate, we have an office with a wonderful, inspiring atmosphere, designed hugely cost effectively and with minimum environmental impact.

Cecilia Örnroth
Head of Administration, Mistra Urban Futures

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