Are you planning to go shopping this weekend? Don’t throw out those plastic bags just yet – I’ve got some fun DIY ideas from around the world that will get the “I need to try this” juices flowing!



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Have a look at this video showing the ragbag cooperative in India – good stuff!


Now I don’t want to bring down the party, but it’s important to educate ourselves while we’re having fun. When this little guy chews on scrap plastic found on our beaches and in our oceans, the sad fact is that he’ll most likely die by starvation when the plastic clogs his intestines (info via Envirosax)



If you’re not ready to DIY recycled plastic bags into a little something for yourself, make sure to find a plastic bag recycler near you – like Plastic Bag Recycling organization in the United States. Let’s work towards keeping the plastic in our hands and out of the nature.

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