The weekend is inching closer and closer, and I hope you’re going to be able to set aside a slot of time to re.Create – because I’ve uncovered some pretty fabulous projects that are definitely worth a try. It’s all in the name of another day of inspiration for recycled and repurposed design.

Can’t you just see yourself overflowing with inspiration as you sit in your very own beautiful button-backed chair. What? No buttons? Well first priority for you this weekend is a trip to your nearest thrift store! Or Etsy. Or Ebay.

button backed chair
Now imagine yourself getting up and breezing through your own recycled tab curtains as you head outdoors for a bit of fresh air. Can you hear the soft chimes as the aluminum tabs brush against each other?
recycled pop tab curtain
Once outside, let’s have a seat in one of our fabulously funky mod podged garden chairs …
upcycled mod podged garden chairs
… as we have a pot of tea, kept warm by the sweetest teapot cozy covers made from Auntie Em’s old wool suit that she wore when she married Uncle Ernie.
recycled wool tea cozy
If we sit still long enough, some of the recycled golf club wildlife that lives in the area will certainly pop in their curious little heads to catch some crumbs from our high tea scones.
recycled golf club garden art
Look over there in the garden – the scrap metal flowers are blooming!
recycled scrap metal flowers
I don’t know Anne of Green Gables very well, but she stops to ask if we’ve seen her repurposed book purse. She can’t seem to find it and she needs to get home to finish creating her very own rolled magazine page mirror frame.

repurposed book purse

I suggest that she look on the scrap wood nightstand in the bedroom, furthest down the hall and on the left.

recycled scrap wood nightstand

But you mentioned seeing it on the repurposed LP end table in the living room.

repurposed LP end table

“Oh thanks,” she said. “You’re both absolute recycled angels!”

recycled scrap wood angel

There’s so much recycled and repurposed goodness in the world. So, you see, I hope you find that time this weekend to create something for your own home or garden.

Until next time…

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