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How Leftover 2x12s Became Something Even Better

When friendly carpenters/craftspeople/random junk collectors find their way into our humble little studio with leftover 2×12 wooden boards, workshop-Lina gets happy!     Wood isn’t just wood. Besides being a fabulously usable, generally nice and often fragrant material, it’s also environmentally sound – even more so when saved while on it’s journey to the landfill. […]

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See What Happens Behind-the-Scenes

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at one of our sustainable reuse interior projects? It’s a crazy every-changing puzzle of redesigning with reclaimed materials that rarely behave the way you want them to, scoping multiple locations for the right mix of reused office furniture, overcoming lack of having the perfect working environment (does that […]

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The Best ‘NO’ We Ever Got

We submit a lot of concepts to clients, but not all become actual projects.  That means that there are many redesign ideas that never come to the table and never get used. This is one of those ideas that never happened. We are particularly proud of this one and want to share with you guys.  […]

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Unusual Places

Today we have a guest blogger, Mia Helander. Mia is 15 years old and is interning with us this week as part of her school requirements. Help us welcome her by leaving a comment after the blog. Take it away, Mia!   These days, reCreate Design Company has been showing up in rather strange places. […]

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Två Dagar meets reCreate Design Co.

It’s always fun to see yourself through the lens of another… this time it was through journalist Johan Brink who writes for the Göteborgs-Posten weekend newspaper supplement Två Dagar. Thanks, Johan! We try to send good things out into the world, and it’s nice to be noticed. The article is in Swedish… but if you […]

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Redesignade Tekanne Lampor

Är du som oss, så blir du lätt trött på att se samma gamla lampor i kontorsinredningar. Suck. Bara därför att det är en arbetsplats innebär inte att den måste vara tråkig! Tvärtom så borde den vara det motsatta – en inspirerande miljö som ökar produktiviteten, kreativiteten och möjliggör beslutsfattande. Vi vill skapa en ‘aha’ […]

Why Our Swedish Easter Looks Like Halloween

Easter like Halloween? Whaaaat? Here in Sweden our kids dress up as Easter witches – that’s right, I said witches – and go door to door with a basket and a handful of drawings to exchange for candy. Sound familiar? There’s a fun little expanation in this Time Magazine article – Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know […]

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What’s In My Bag?

We constantly laugh at ourselves when we realize the strange things we carry around in our bags. Today..was one of those days. (Svensk översättning längst ned) Admittedly, Mike’s purse is more like a satchel. But it’s a sure-fire workhorse, gettin’ the job done day after day. Have a look at today’s load. This is real […]