We love them, we hate them. They are beautiful. Fluffy. Soft. Translucent. We loved to blow on them as kids. Now we tell our kids not to blow on them. They are powerful. They multiply. They destroy perfectly manicured lawns. They are dandelions.

Do we dare to think of the viral dandelion in another way? German artist Regine Ramseier did. And this was the result of her installation this past summer. 

If you’d like to see additional shots of how the exhibit was created, hop over to Regine’s website. It’s in German, but even if you aren’t using the Google Chrome browser (which gives you the option of on-page translations) you’ll see how she collected 2,000 dandelions, transported them, and hung each individually.

Do you remember the last time you blew on a dandelion?

Thanks to shinyslingback for finding and sharing.

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