I won’t be posting one of the many, wonderful 2012 wrap-up posts that I see swirling around cyberspace. No, I’m still playing catch-up from the year AND preparing to lurch head-on right into the New Year. What you will get from me, most likely, are pictures of the many unfinished projects from 2012. I have a soft spot for anyone who has as good of intentions as I do, but still falls short of self-inflicted goals. At the turn of last year I “resolved to avoid resolutions”. I certainly accomplished that!

What I pulled out for today is about 4 weeks too late to serve as inspiration for anyone this holiday season, but perhaps it will inspire some other non-holiday related project. No waste accepted here at re.Create, and that goes for DIY projects done but never shared because they passed the ‘best by’ date.

Last year I built a forest glam advent calendar for the kids, complete with ‘traveling can’ which held the daily goodies for each date.

diy advent calendar

This year I was cruisin’ around Pinterest and got inspired by this cardboard tube wreath spotted over at Spoonful.

cardboard tube christmas wreath

But I’m not really a wreath person. In fact, I keep a “Non-Wreath” board on Pinterest if you’d like to have a peek.  I made this repurposed silver tray wreath recently at our new re.Create Design Co. studio, but my hope is that it will end up on one of our local cafes or restaurants, or in the home of someone who does love unusual wreaths.

repurposed silver tray wreath

So what I ended up with for this year’s advent calendar was certainly out of the ordinary. I had a small collection of various tins and tin cans, and picked up the rest of what I needed from the local thrift store. As I may have mentioned before in other re.Create blog posts, I like to collect wallpaper samples. Add a little glue and a can of red spray paint and I was set to go. The kids got in on the act, and the rest is pretty self-explanatory. I have this wierd little notch space on a short wall, and it turns out that it served as the perfect ‘brace’ to hold up the tins and cans on top of each other.

diy advent calendar

diy advent calendar

diy advent calendar

And as a little extra bonus, it served as our Christmas card holder as well!

Did you see any great DIY Advent Calendars this year that you’d like to share? Leave a link in the comments below.

And next year maybe I’ll even get my Advent Calendar up at a reasonable time 🙂

Until next time…

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