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I saw this quote today and it made me stop in my tracks. I mean seriously, I’ve had some big project flops over the years. One of my son’s favorite phrases right now is “Epic fail!” and I laugh every time it runs through my head when a project isn’t going as planned.

Blogs can be deceiving, can’t they? I mean, how many times do we really post the failures. I’ve got lots. Like these two from Christmas that never saw the light of day on Blue Velvet Chair (’til now).


failed DIY projects


failed DIY projects


They look okay in these photos, don’t they? But guess what? They were epic fails. The black and copper paint that I squirted into the clear xmas bulbs totally separated the next day and what I ended up with were these wierd clear bulbs with spots and speckles of paint inside. Hideous. Needless to say, they were never gifted as intended. And those pinecones…they look cute enough in this picture. I wanted to try a paint dip like I’d seen on Martha Stewart’s page – but when I got all of these dipped and looked at them the next day, they just looked like pinecones that had been dropped in paint and not at all like the high-design images in my head.

Epic fail.

But what I know for sure is that I would never swoon over my “yes, I did it!” projects if I never stumbled. I literally giggle inside every time I glance over at my rolled magazine page mirror on the wall – or each time I graze my fingers across the button mirror when walking by. And in those moments I feel nothing but joy.

And for that, I’m willing to fail every now and then.

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