I was reading the latest Swedish issue of IKEA Family live magazine and stopped on the article featuring artist Dan Bennett who has a new poster design picked up by IKEA. I always wonder how much they change the “live” magazine contents from region to region. Does your region have this article in the latest issue?

What has filled my mind all day were his words about using art to create a sense of history in your home. “I have kept a number of pieces over the years that remind me of people, places and emotions. They decorate my living space and keep my personal story at the front of my mind. They tell me where I have been and how I arrived at this place in life, while also guiding me into the future.”

That strikes a cord with me. And helps to explain why I am so passionate about having personal ‘things’ lying around, on my bookshelves, on the walls, etc. They somehow connect me to my entire life, past and present. I absolutely appreciate the calmness of a good minimalist design, but I know I could never thrive in that environment. I think I would feel as empty as the room itself.

Then I was scanning my blog roll at Bloglovin’ and stopped on Diane’s post at Home Sweet Homemade. She was also talking along the lines of creating style emotions in your home. She remembered some good advice about choosing 5 descriptive words to define the feeling you want in a room. Hope over to have a quick read.

So now I’m left thinking what those 5 words would be for my entire home. Do you know what your 5 words would be?

Until next time…

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