What does every person need? Friends who know you. And friends who thrift for you!

I had two friends pick up some thrift store goodies for me these past 2 weeks – and now I have no doubt in my mind that they know me…really know me!  Have a look at what they dropped by with:


thrift store treasures

Top picture:  I’ve started to experiment with glass garden towers and needed some toppers. These candle holders (imagine them turned the other way and in a metal holder) fit the bill perfectly!
Middle picture:  Additions to my sweet little collection of Rosa Ljung (Sweden) ceramics.
Bottom Picture:  Do you remember the post I had some months back with all the fabulous ideas for redesigning and repurposing globes? I’m gonna have some fun now!

With friends like these who thrift…me thinks me shall never have to leave the house again!

Thanks Laurie and Marie!


Until next time…


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