Yes, I admit. There are days when I feel like I’m having a social media breakdown.

I open Facebook thinking I’ll just take a quick scan and reply to comments.
“5 minutes max,” I say to myself. Must create. Must blog. Must…must…must…
“Oooh, there’s a comment from someone new.”
I hop over to their FB page to learn more about them.
And because I’m a visual person I click to photos, especially for blogs or a business.
One picture of a project leads to a website.
I make the hop.
“Oooh, nice page design,” I say to myself.
I wonder who’s behind the blog.
I wonder if they’ve created something with recycled or repurposed materials.
I look for DIY projects on their site.
Oh, that’s cool. Gotta pin that on Pinterest.
Wait, it’s from another site.
I make the hop to the new link.
Oooh, my FB friends would love to see that.
I share the project and link on FB.
Thank goodness that’s an auto link straight to Twitter.
I pin the photo on Pinterest.
Sometimes I pin it to Pinspire, too.
Hmm….that project would be a great collection theme to put together for my blog.
Open Blogspot and copy the link to a post draft for later reference.
That reminds me, I have to contact X to see if they want to be interviewed for Artizen Magazine.
I think to myself, “Should I be using Google+ ?”
Hmm…what’s that site that X has linked on their page?
Oooh, another home DIY site. Should I be posting projects over here, too?
Ugh…I don’t have enough time for another site. I’m losing ground.
How does everyone do it?
I can’t keep up.
And now it’s 3 hours later.
I need to finish replying to my FB comments.
How will I ever be able to start selling my creations?
I don’t have enough time to create.

And yesterday I got a visual picture that made me stop dead in my tracks.

social media infographic
via Business Insider

Besides the obvious omission of Pinterest (a mistake, I’m sure), this is a great visual showing the main social media software and apps by category. Imagine, this is only a sampling in many of the categories.

No wonder I’m on overload.
How will I ever keep up with ‘what’s new’?
How will I ever keep up with anything?
I’m having a social media breakdown today.
Please tell me, what’s your secret?

Until next time…

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