This last weekend we hopped on the ferry boat – okay, we really drove on – and headed over to the northern archipelago islands off the coast of Sweden where we live. It’s one of our favorite daytrips!

Ferry hopping to the island

And although I certainly didn’t plan it, I didn’t pass up the chance to stop in at their local thrift store that’s only open twice a week. I have one word for the visit…SCORE!

We picked up a couple of smaller things, but when my husband suggested what these three long box things were laying on the shelf, I felt my heart beat faster and stressed to gather them up in my arms as fast as I could.

old church organ pipes

Being the odd American at the store, I must have been the only one that found them irresistable – I couldn’t believe they were still there as the store had already been open and most of the crowd had come and gone. Do you know what they are?

old church organ pipes

They’re wooden organ pipes from an old church. Too bad the thrift store didn’t know anything about their origins. Did they come from a church on one of the islands? How old are they? Where are the rest of the pipes? And so on, and so forth. If only people had the foresight to just put a little note on them that would somehow provide a kind of history trace. Given the age of the churches here in Sweden, though, I’m pretty sure they’ve got some serious years behind them. Imagine the music they’ve made!

Here’s a fancy set in action. Swedish churches are quite simple in design, so the fact that my boxes are quite plain doesn’t surprise me at all. I can just imagine some carpenter on the islands creating these pipes for the local church. That’s how the story goes in my head, anyway.

old wooden organ pipes

I’m going to hang mine on the wall – like a nice organic art installation (pun not intended).

I could have left happy right then and there. But the day just got better. We hopped over (okay, we drove again) to our favorite sea glass gathering spot on the island and spent a bit of time there. The boys cleaned up the beach while us girls gathered sea glass. Yes, we know it’s April. Yes, we still have to wear our winter coats. It’s that cold!

Beach clean-up

Hönö Sweden

Michael Helander

Thank you, Hönö, for sharing your sea treasures with me! I am so very grateful.

sea glass Sweden


Until next time…

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