Don’t miss Part 1 with the decor details of our living room that was posted just before this one.

As I mentioned when we began the tour of our living room evolution a few days ago, I like to describe my style as ‘untraditionally traditional’. I don’t stick with a recommended maximum of 3 colors – but instead I bring in items and pieces that speak to me and make me feel happy when I see them. I also have a pretty good mix of items bought from other artisans as well as things made by me. Throw in some thrift store and garage sale pieces and you’ll get the drift of my style aesthetic. So, here’s a closer look at the details (part 2 of 2).

If you are just joining us for the tour, check out these previous visits with the renovation and evolution of our living room:
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The Evolution of a Living Room – Part III (1 of 2) – The details

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