Bespoke: Amoeba coffee table

Client:  Arbetarrörelsens folkhögskola i Göteborg (AFiG)

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Why oh why do we need another basic round office table in our lives? The answer? We don’t!

We like to push the boundaries a bit and create fun, organic-shaped tables for our clients from old and unused desktops. This little cutie was once a red, rectangular tabletop in its previous life. We inherited the tabletop from an architecture firm in our city that simply did not want it anymore because it was the wrong color. We fostered the tabletop, gave it a place to stay until we could find it a new home, and then helped it improve before sending it back out into the world with a redesigned life as an Amoeba table. Same function, better shape. New home. More love.

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