Mötesplats Backa-Brunnsbo

Sustainable Interiors:  Reused, redesigned and upcycled

Client:  Göteborg Stad, Mötesplats Backa-Brunnsbo

Location:  Gothenburg, Sweden

Redesign a large former grocery store space that fulfills the community center needs for 5 unique-use spaces within one room; meeting, lounge, dining, craft, and small discussion.

Our finished interior includes:
– Custom-built apple crate room dividers on wheels
– Reclaimed wood multi-use cubes on wheels
– Oversized ottoman cloud recovered with embroidery art
– Curated secondhand furniture pieces
– Custom Jackson Pollack-inspired paint splatter table
– Reclaimed wood bar table tops
– Bespoke salvaged wood wall art
– Redesigned black and white striped curtains

Behind the scenes:
This project gave us so many fun opportunities for custom builds and bespoke pieces.

Finding a collection of the 30 apple crates we needed for the mobile room dividers was one of the bigger challenges in this project. When we eventually found them online at a countryside secondhand store nearly two hours away from our city, it was road trip pick-up time! Back at the workshop they were painted white, stabilized, built, and put on wheels to help create boundaries of space in an ever changing activity-based interior landscape.

The multi-use wooden cubes on wheels were actually built over salvaged IKEA Lack tables – the cheapest of IKEA furniture offerings. They were broken and battered, but made perfect frames to stabilize the innards of our reclaimed wood cubes that were literally a mish-mash of wood scraps we had around the workshop. We love seeing them used as chairs or tables forming different constellations across the space…just as we hoped!

If you ever want to let loose and have a little fun, set your table top upright and summon your inner Jackson Pollack with your fave paint colors. Therapy and art unite! Our client needed a table for their art corner and we figured since it would get paint on it anyway…

The curtains hugging the interior of this old grocery store are made with salvaged black and white fabric from various secondhand stores. We sourced the fabric from everything including curtains to aprons to tablecloths, and women from the community center sewed them together. Some of our best projects integrate the people into the project.

One of the most satisfying aspects to this project was the creation of the reclaimed wood art in the lounge corner. We deliberately created something that looked tossed together – no easy task! A repetition of diamond shapes and wood salvage spill down from the ceiling and give a real ‘this is reuse’ feeling.

Sustainable reuse interiors in action!