Repurposed Teapot Lamps

Bespoke: Redesigned silver and teapot lamps

Client:  University of Gothenburg, Nationella secretariatet för genusforskning

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden


Building custom lamps are one of our favorite things to do! This client is located in a 1930s historical home that has been converted to office space for the university. We redesigned their kitchen space – with sustainable reuse, of course – but it needed that special something to give the final interior design a unique edge…something that would also adhere to the building’s aesthetic. Enter a diverse collection of vintage silver-plated pieces from our local secondhand stores.

It’s not just about collecting the pieces and putting them together. It’s about sawing them apart in just the right place to accomplish your overall vision. It’s about stacking them over and over again to find the right redesigned form combination. It’s about creating a new function from discarded materials. It’s about that ‘AHA’ moment that spreads a smile across your client’s face.