Ringön Window Walk

Project: Ringön Window Walk

Client:  City of Gothenburg, stadsutvecklingsprojektet Älvstaden

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Look at the map. Set your route. Take a walk. 

Our world today is largely viewed through windows – on our computers, on phones, out our office buildings, or sitting on a bus. With the Ringön Window Walk project, we want to invite existing Ringön inhabitants as well as visitors to stop and consider the past, present, and future of Ringön as seen through designated viewing points around the ‘island’.

The materials used in this project are reused and reclaimed from within Ringön. This creates a strong sustainability story behind the Window Walk as we draw from local sources for both labor and materials, reducing environmental impact through unnecessary transport and purchase of new building materials. The paint was also sourced from a Ringön company. The four collaborating companies, plus the paint reseller, sit within 300 meters of each other, leaving an incredibly low environmental footprint for the Ringön Window Walk interactive art installation.

We chose bright primary colors of blues, yellows, red, and green to stand out against the neutral industrial colors of Ringön and invite passersby to “Look closer, something is happening here. We have a story to tell”. We have a past, we are actively in the present, and we are positive about our future. Each window also has a bench to encourage visitors to stop and reflect on the window story for that particular location. It also provides an organic meeting point for friends and co-workers – “meet me at the red window”.

The placement of each window is designed to put Ringön’s character in focus – creating a viewpoint into the traditional industry, culture, and new industry of Ringön.

Miniature frames are also connected to each window, allowing viewing visitors to turn slightly to create their own stories of Ringön by continuing to look around at different points through the smaller hand-held frame.


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Project Partners:

reCreate Design Co.
Concept and design

David Van Dijk
Craftsman – wood windows and metal frames